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PPC ad copy is knowingly about 30-30-80 characters yet is hardest to nail.

You need to hit smart, induce emotions, and sell your offers – all within very limited space. You can write amazing ads that get your customer click.

Writing an effective Google Ad is an artwork. So, we’re sharing tactics to write an ad copy that brings high click-through rates and conversions.

1- Be Customer Focused

Your PPC ad copy offers you with a great chance to connect with your prospective clients and engage them in your offer. It is the factor that will determine whether your prospects will look out what you have to offer or choose to go to your competition.

That’s why your ad copy must be convincing and astounding that will attract your visitors.

You need to show that you are the best in the market and only you can offer them with the best practical solution for their problems.


Saying “Tool for Better SEO,” tells your target customers how an SEO tool can help them. This is better than write a headline such as “Advanced SEO Tools”.

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The important thing is to keep customer focus and encourage them to click through & visit your website to find out more about your offer.

2-Include Special Offers

Include special offers, coupon codes and other offers give customers a reason to react. Leverage special offers to boost response rates and conversions.

Offering something that will be appealing to your potential customers is a great way to stimulate them to click your ad. “50% off” and “Free 1-Month Subscription” are all possible examples.

Remember, it’s usually best to be specific about savings. “Get 50% off” is better than “50% Discount”. Customers want to know exactly what they’re going to receive before they click.


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After searching for “Reebok,” this ad appeared and does an effective job of highlighting a clear offer. The ad clearly states that shop4reebok.com is offering Reebok shoes at upto 50% off, along with free shipping in India. That’s a perfectly significant and appealing offer for Reebok shoes.

3-Be Specific With Numbers

Numbers are easy to understand, and studies show that integrating them into your ad copy can make it appear more precise and credible and importantly increases your click-through and conversion rates.

For instance, if you use specific numbers like 1,645 can improve performance over round numbers like 1,600+. If you’re including a number, write out the exact number.


Here is some PPC ad copy results that popped up when searched “Hotel in Sydney”:

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It looks like the hotel industry has caught on to the price inclusion trend.

If you are more specific, you will get more credibility thus receives more CTRs and increase conversion rates.

4- Be Consistent

Keyword consistency is important for conversions, as well as your significance score.

Use the same keywords in the headline and on the Display URL as your website in your Ads. You can also add it to one of the description lines.

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You should use this to show your homepage domain, and the specific landing page you are leading traffic to.

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If you can come up with ad copy, that is irrelevant to your actual offer, people will just bounce when they land on your landing page. And you’ll pay for clicks that didn’t convert.

Make sure your link includes a keyword (i.e. from your landing page) to develop trust and reliability.

5- Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can help your visitors learn more about your services without even having to click. These are links you can include in your ad copy. They show up in blue, below your description lines.

Ad Extensions can be used to consist of information about a coupon locations, additional landing pages (site links), and even phone numbers. They’re a method to increase your CTA’s and they don’t cost extra to use.

An example of Ad Extensions:

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The ad extensions add relevancy to the visitor’s life because now the visitor can see:

  • Seller rating for reliability
  • Location to see how close it is to the visitor
  • Contact number in case the visitor wants to call immediately
  • Store working hours for convenience

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6- Promote a benefit, not a product

When your customer is searching for your product & services, they likely already know about it. As a marketer, it’s your job to make that seeker click on your link. Tell your visitor how they will benefit from your offerings.


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This health checkup shows the consumer that their service will provide the benefit to “Quick Medical Test Reports”, “Full Body Checkup”. It doesn’t tell, for example, about the techniques used, this is found on their landing page, to give the consumer more product/ service information.

7- Be Geographically Specific

You can standardize your PPC campaigns down to the city, so take advantage and redirect that in your ad copy.

Looking to be local can help you be more appropriate and familiar to your visitors.

Here are examples of online flower service ads in Delhi:

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Both ads took the time to create designated landing pages with Delhi specifically in the URL. These will be the businesses that have the most realistic geographic tracking.

8- Use the Search Keyword

By including your search keyword in the headline you can have the flexibility of appealing to a wider audience yet appearing to be more local and significant to your visitors’ searches; right from the headline, the most projecting part of your ad.

Some people use keyword insertion to modify their ad messaging to the specific searches their visitors are entering.


Here’s the ad that shows when search “Gift Delivery in Gurgaon”

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9- Consider Including Questions

Writing PPC ad copy that features questions can help you appeal to your visitors’ points of attention more quickly.

Here’s an example that uses how in the headline:

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Here’s an example of how using a question hits right on the pain point: If you’re answering yes, you’ll likely click on the ad. 

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Make sure you follow the above-mentioned PPC tips, as they can help you create ads people cannot help but click. By successfully creating an ad copy that sells, you will be able to get higher click-through and conversion rates, hence impressively increasing your sales and yielding a positive ROI.

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