Pinterest is a complete marketing platform where you can bring your products to your audience who are looking for the best purchasing ideas.

The social marketing platform is a definitely on a roll. Comparing with other social media outlets, no one gas gained traction like Pinterest. The company has become a global leader in no time.

The platform works great for many E-commerce businesses, but there would be many who find difficulties getting started or get troubles in creating appealing pins.

To work conveniently on Pinterest for different aspects, there are some Pinterest tools which will help you efficiently.

Check the list now-

1) Viraltag


Viraltag is another popular Pinterest tool that serves a number of features-

  • Schedule to more than one account or board in one time.
  • See the best times to pin for who you follow.
  • Make pins inside your browser by integrating Canva.
  • You can access basic analytics.

2) NinjaPinner

Pinterest 2

NinjaPinner can automate every activity you’re thinking to do on Pinterest.

You can auto-like, auto-pin, auto-comment and much more.

NinjaPinner charges $28 for a single account license and $40 for an unlimited license.

There is also a provision for a short trial.

3) Zotabox’s Social Sharing Buttons


Shopify brings another marvelous tool in the form of Zotabox.

The app is easy to install and you can add social media buttons like “Share” or “Follow” as well as links and icons to particular accounts.

The sharing buttons offered by Zotabox is free and in the paid plans you’ll get more features which are not available in unpaid version.

4) Pinoculars Conversion Tracking (Shopify App)


Do you believe remarketing is your strength, but you have to leave on certain platforms?

But not on Pinterest. You better know many users just do window shopping kind of activities even on social platforms.

Pinoculars Conversion Tracking provided by Shopify eases the retargeting based on Promoted Pin activity.

5) IFTTT for Pinterest


IFTTT for Pinterest does many things for a user who eyes for big success on the platform-

  • Adds Instagram posts to Pinterest boards
  • Adds Instagram posts to Pinterest boards while employing a certain hashtag
  • Displays a tweet when a new pin gets added to the Pinterest board
  • Uploads new Pin images to a particular Facebook album on your Page

6) Woobox’s Pinterest Tab


The free Pinterest tool allows you to make on your Facebook page.

With the help of a tool, you can add a static Pinterest tab to your page.

If you want to create a social media contest, the tool is also going to help you with their exceptional “Pin to Win It”.

7) Pingroupie


Group board contribution helps in making connections on Pinterest easy and distributes your content to new places.

Pingroupie lists group boards which are currently live.

You can associate with these group board owners and know are they interested in doing group board with you or something like this.

8) PinFollow


PinFollow allows you to filter and unfollow your users on Pinterest who don’t follow you back.

To use PinFollow, you just have to sign in with your Pinterest account.

You would find two types of users on Pinterest, one who loves everything about you and immediately follows you and another is who is not at all shown interest in your activities.

Thus, over the period there would an excess number of users who don’t follow.

This is the time PinFollow comes to the use and helps you filter and unfollow them.

9) Buyable Pins for Shopify


As the name suggests, this tool is for purchasing products directly from the Pin with a secured payment method.

Best thing to use this app is that user won’t have to leave the platform.

Buyable Pins, powered by Shopify’s Pinterest channel makes it easy for users who are already on Pinterest to sell more through the platform.

This tool is available on Shopify to all merchants with a basic and advance paid plans.


Pinterest is a great place to find audiences to sell your item immediately.

But, there are many users who are either not aware or find difficulties in using the features of Pinterest flawlessly.

Here is a list of 9 Pinterest tools that will help you in different ways for Pinterest activities.

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