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Pinterest is currently observed as a productive online networking channel for sagacious advertisers as having more than 150 million active monthly users and is seen as a refreshing alternative to Google, Facebook.

However, it speaks to something of an undiscovered opportunity for many of us in the SEO industry. As a social media platform, Pinterest appears to sit separated from our Google-centered endeavors.

We should embrace the difference.

The ranking factors on Pinterest relate more to engagement metrics and social shares than backlinks and technical SEO, yet these are natural byproducts of great content. Again, we in the SEO industry should know all about that.

There are some imperative refinements on Pinterest too and here you need to understand the way search results are ranked and what exactly forms the great content.

Below are 9 tips to set your Pinterest endeavors up for SEO success:

1) The basics are in place

Before you can begin posting, make certain that the basic aspects are set up. Begin with creating a business account as this will let you access the analytics and the Pinterest ads manager.

An SEO responsive username; picking it, you consider what your shoppers are hunting down as the name is included into your profile’s URL.

Optimizing your profile: Your “about you” segment should have significant details and include a high-resolution company logo. People could undoubtedly find and save your Pins.

Get at least one board:  To get started you will need at least one board. You can’t include Pins without having a board, so it’s an entirely important initial step.

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2) Prepare your website

It is essential to link two assets together one is; using info from your website to feed more targeted Pinterest campaigns and the other is; sending people through to your website to make a transaction.

To report precisely on your Pinterest SEO efforts endeavors take after these essential steps:

  • Add the Pinterest tag: It lets you set up conversion events on your website, part your audience, and report consistently on how your profile is performing. How to do it?
  • Add the save button: When installed, users can save images on website or app to their boards.
  • Verifying your site: A few simple steps and you are done with the task. It simply requires the addition of a few lines of HTML code.

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3) Setting up right business goals

This social network has proven to be an enormously costly lead generation tool.

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The most critical component of this planning is to understand what Pinterest implies for your business and set suitable goals. You can understand this by looking at your historical data; later on use this to create a plan you can stick to. This will help you decide which aspects are getting most rightfully covered by organic search efforts.

4) Doing Your Keyword Research

Find out the right topics for your pins & boards! You can use guided search as it helps Pinterest users to limit their focus and discover more important outcomes. It works as a good indicator of the most popular search queries for each topic.

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Engage with Promoted Pins: You can take your best-performing keywords on Google and use Promoted Pins to see if they go with the same pattern on Pinterest.

Exploring topics: You should search all topics important to your industry to see how ideas are categorized, additionally to see how your competitors are targeting specific queries. And, Pinterest is really helpful as it keeps topics smartly categorized and sub-categorized in most areas.

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5) Organizing and Optimizing Boards

While starting with creating boards, you should more focus on keyword and consumer research.

It provides an enormous opportunity to tell Pinterest’s search engine how you categorize your products, further aiding visibility.

These are the first things to come under the notice of your visitors, so it is worth thinking this through.

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6) Making out how to create a pin

The creation of a perfect Pin; there is art and science into it. There is always an instinctual creative compel behind the best campaigns and so, the need to follow some clear rules. Here we go:

  • Get your proportions right.
  • To use multiple colors. Images with multiple foremost colors are re-pinned more times as of those monochrome counterparts.

We additionally need to identify with the purpose of each Pin. Users create mood boards that they will return to multiple times, after all. Consider how you can be of repeat value to a user, instead of simply pushing business messages. Step-by-step guides and tutorials work well in this regard.

7) Being descriptive

It’s significant to get descriptions right for SEO on Pinterest. Though it has huge merits as a visual discovery platform, text still matters. You should include detail, as this will aid Pinterest to find and serve your images for relevant searches.

A workable approach to do this is to use the description space to add to your image, as opposed to simply repeating what it says via text. Avoid using hashtags in your descriptions. These appear distracting and don’t bring anything in the way of ranking value.

8) Planning engagement

User engagement is of supreme importance on Pinterest.

You can improve your engagement metrics and increase your search visibility by using these tips:

  • Lining your Pinterest account to other social media accounts. This will amplify awareness within your reachable followers on additional platforms.
  • Inviting important Pinterest influencers to team up on a board to grow your own reach after.
  • Including text as an overlay on your images.
  • Pinning frequently.

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  • Follow relevant boards. This will start to build up a network in relation to your profile.
  • Measure your performance.

9) Not to forget about Google

Pinterest considers SEO seriously. It is a practical way to drive traffic and takes a lot of work.

Pinterest can be used extensively as a platform for SEO efforts.

By recognizing the relevant keywords that Pinterest positions for, we can streamline for the most gainful queries with our Pins and boards. If Pinterest considers you important enough to rank for that keyword via its own search algorithms, your organic Pinterest traffic will increase altogether.

This will enable you to organize your Pinterest SEO work, as you can focus on the keywords that will take most worth from both Pinterest search and Google search.

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