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Content occupies an important place in digital space. Therefore, there are lots of published content on the internet and few more would be on the way.

Since everyone understands the importance of the content and is involved in preparing “the best”, how would you go ahead of your competitors?

Well, it’s important to create content that keeps values for your audience, gives them information, and solves their queries.

But, you may get a lot of hassles in counting the words, checking out the phrases, doing research and much more.

So, here are 9 easy-to-use and essential online writing tools that will help you get improved content.

1. Hemingway Editor

Readable content sets your writing out of the crowd. A readable post helps its’ readers to understand the information the article or blog wants to convey.

Web content usually looks for shorter sentences and paragraphs that make reading easy and encourages reader to scroll the webpage.

Hemingway Editor helps you get content that is easy to read.

The free tool rates your content and gives you suggestions to improve. The editor determines the adverbs, passive voice and tells the writer if your sentences are complex to read.

Remember, the “readability” can be different for different kinds of the target market.

Although, the tool is great to keep readability at its paramount and let your readers understand the message.


2. WordCounter

Word count of the content remains predetermined and that may be any number 300, 500 and so on.

WordCounter as the name suggests, counts every word you created and also, depicts sentences, characters, and paragraphs as well.

It helps you calculate reading level and also enables you to know how effortlessly your content is easy to understand.

WordCounter never forgets to give you an estimation of overused words and when you remove or replace them helps in maintaining keyword density, an important aspect of content writing.


3. One Look Reverse Dictionary

One Look Reverse Dictionary is an online writing tool that enables a writer to get improved content.

It comes with hundreds of returned possibilities and that includes skiff, rowboat, and canoe.

One Look quickly counts word repetition in a post and delivers the result to the users.

Word repetition irritates your readers and also hampers your writing language. But, once you have identified them, it would be possible for you to replace or remove them.

The One Look is not just restricted to identifying word repetition, but also comes up with a feature “search for words by their definition”.

One Look

4. Cliché Finder

Cliché is a part of content writing that is used too often and every writer loves to include this in a post. But, maximum use of clichés makes your writing insignificant or better say “not up to the mark”.

Using cliché once or twice is good, but if you have often used them in the content, employs Cliché Finder to drag them out for you.

The process is easy, you just need to “put your post in the text field of the tool” and click on submit button.

A result will be displayed on your screen and you will be able to know how many clichés you used in your content.

CLiche Finder

5. Stayfocusd

When you sit on the computer, most of your time gets wasted on the activities which aren’t going to give you useful results. You must be scrolling your Facebook page up and down, reading your Twitter articles again and again, sending high-five to your Instagram friends and much more. You did everything, but not the WORK.

Stayfocusd is the Google Chrome enabled productivity extension that keeps you focused on your important works rather than anywhere else on the internet.

If you want to use your time on the internet in the best way, take the help of the tool that blocks the websites and making them inaccessible for the rest of the day.

You can block or allow particular subdomains, the whole site, specific pages, some videos, games and images forms as well.


 6. Draft

If you want an improved content for publishing, use “Draft”.

It’s an online collaboration app that helps writers to work together in real time.

Draft acts a remarkable alternative to Google Docs for the writers who are in search of an interface that comes to help them in minimizing disruptions but still enables to accept or deny changes from other users.

Draft offers a lovely feature “mark draft” button, where you can save your story draft and then keep working.

Save a few numbers of drafts and compare them side by side in different writing panes.

Draft also gamifies your writing experience and everybody likes to get that.

It calculates numbers of words written by you daily and sends email reminders in order to make you meet your daily word limit goal.

When you’re writing from home, it helps to get a little encouragement and trust for you, no matter where it comes from.


7. Wattpad

Wattpad is different from all the writing tools which are available for writers.

Actually, Wattpad is a community of readers and writer who perform together to come up with a better post.

Serious fiction writers greatly use this platform to show their work and earn helpful feedback.

You too can use the place for excelling your writing skills.

Study and creation of fiction will help you in writing attractive case studies and other kinds of posts. Wattpad readers help you know whether you are doing right or not.


 8. Scrivener

If you are thinking to write a book, novel, screenplay or a thesis and don’t know where to start, then Scrivener is there to help you.

It’s an all-purpose writing app for Mac and Windows and helps a writer to finalize their complex projects.

Scrivener offers a complete word processing service that includes writing, research, and notes.

When you finish your writing assignment, you can turn them into whichever format you want, for instance, PDF, eBooks or HTML files.


9. Mellel

If you are a scriptwriter or thesis writer, Mellel is the place going to help you by making your writing goals easy.

Mellel has been scripted for long-term writing, be it any form newsletter, manuscript or thesis or a book.

It helps you keep your content organized and check your styles and administer the smallest details.

More add-ons in the features of Mellel are its stability, predictability, and ability to create docs with an ease. Features are much more the listed ones, you need only to visit the site.

Create your content with Mellel!!!



Online content writing can be easy and effective if you use above-mentioned tools. These tools are different in working, but get you desired result, i.e. Superior Content.

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