You would have come across several Facebook ads even when accessing the platform for an hour or two.

Surely, there are reasons behind this and so it has 1.18 billion daily active users including CEOs, brands and other fertile names. It’s evident to promote ads on Facebook from marketing stance.

Posting on Facebook alone isn’t enough, especially those who are beginners or just starting.  You need to go through huge research work while moving ahead with Facebook marketing.

You need to find ad examples which are highly successful on the Facebook and this will help you create your own exemplary Facebook ads.

In this article, you’ll have a list of Facebook ad examples that are simple yet sensible and have driven audiences with their magnetic and appealing quotes.

1. AirAsia

If you think a Facebook ad should include vibrant images and outrageous texts, you could be wrong.

At least this is not the case with AirAsia’s ad which delivers desirable performance.

What makes this ad work so brilliantly?

This ad copy is quite economical with words i.e. no punches, no promotional words.

The bright image is capable enough to stop scrollers whereas power words like “Free” and limited time offer are both worth motivating the customers.

This is why this ad is on the top of the list.


2. Project Repat

If you’re not a marketing expert, then certainly you’ll look for people who can create on your behalf and then demand a good pay sum.

But, this isn’t needed if you’re ready to make some efforts. There is no need of keeping a massive budget for your ad creative.

Project Repat’s success story says that you can win even when applying a snapshot.

So, how does this ad become so magnetic?

Using customer as a billboard is a great idea; showing how well user-generated content converts.

If you’re using less-polished ads, it really works in favor of your brand & business as consumers gets attracted to messages in their feeds.


3. Pura Vida

Pura Vida has made its name popular in fashion jewelry and hopefully needs no introduction.

The brand knows how to get popular on Facebook and what are the resources that will make their ads successful.

Carousel ads which have been popular overall social media channels are now being used by Pura Vida.

Reason for using carousel is that it has great appeal and attractive. The carousel ad used by Pura Vida in this image is selling 20x as many unique products.

Why is this ad so worthy?

It has eye-catching imagery, user-generated content and a perfect social message. Each slide of the ad shows a separate ad in and of itself, allowing room for experiments.


4. Porsche

Facebook always brings new opportunities for advertising. This example comes with a carousel ad having videos and a messenger bot to boot.

Why does this ad work so beautifully?

The ad talks and is self-explanatory and you can have a lot of details about Porsche within this single ad.


5. Loot Crate

Loot Crate advert doesn’t focus on a direct sales pitch.

Although Loot Crate links to their product in every single way, you would never find their promos aggressive.

What makes an ad so happening?

The score of shares over likes and comments shows discussion-based ads promos have get people talking.


6. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is known for making ad campaigns full of humor, but this time it came with a straightforward ad and that performed exceptionally well.

The ad increased subscribers by 1.5x and its all due to the simplicity of the ad.

This is a witty ad copy talking point to point. Also, the curiosity-driven texts and competitor call out, are enough to grab user’s attention.


7. Nintendo

If you think every ad on Facebook needs to reinvent its wheel, you might be going in the wrong direction.

At least not in this Nintendo ad where you can see direct sales messages are still efficacious as long they’re pertinent to your audience.

How is this ad so effective?

The bright colored images used in this ad make it visually appealing and the time-sensitive offer leads to conversions.

As it is known that visual ads offer relatively more engagement on Facebook, it always helps when you add your offer with some striking images.


8. HelloFresh

Looking to make elaborated video ad?

Not necessary as shown in this HelloFresh ad which shows that not every ad needs elaborated productions.

The video is actually a combination of two ads merged into one.

Stop-motion shows an easy way to make a video ad in low production costs and thus showing your product with elegance and in an appealing way.



TOMS’s ad doesn’t focus only on dollars and cents rather it generates valuable brand awareness, without extensively highlighting the product.

Reason for the performance of this?

It is already known that CTA or any button directs us to move to follow a particular step.

But, in this video, you won’t find any such CTA or concrete promo and thus, you would certainly go for “what’s this ad is all about?”

This will take you to discover the brand and reason of this ad more deeply. The amazing visuals and superb tagline also go in the favor of TOMS.

facebook ad-image-dsim


Facebook is undoubtedly a great platform for getting numbers of potential customers in no time.

So, if you’re eyeing to grab the attention of your targeted audiences, you need to know some facts about the Facebook ad making.

Above-mentioned Facebook ad examples will clearly let you know what kind of ads can give success in the low budget even.


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