LinkedIn is not only a huge professional networking platform rather it the world’s largest online network of professionals with over 610 million users in more than 200 countries.

As every coin has two faces, strong and weak, LinkedIn also has weaknesses like in general a user doesn’t find his or her feed personal and the content hyper-relevant.

There are a number of weaknesses and you may start looking for the alternatives.

In this article, you’ll find the best 9 alternatives of LinkedIn.

1. Reddit


Hopefully, Reddit does not need any formal introduction as it already has a strong reputation on the web.

Reddit has a large span of micro-communities that includes r/PPC for paid search and r/SEO for SEO.

Although Reddit has a strong reputation for being the source of many-a-meme, it’s also so much more than that.

Similar to Twitter, it’s completely free for communities to join and the public to read thoroughly.

2. Twitter Threads


Like anything else, Twitter offers communities full of information and utilities.

Entering these communities ensures you meet industry expert and different noble person, not just from one place, rather all over the world.

The best part of these communities is they are free; they are public and much more.

3. Opportunity


Matchmaking, probably you’ve heard this word on matrimonial ads or websites.

Opportunity does this matchmaking for professionals. The platform focuses to connect people on the basis of their needs.

For example, users get notified every time someone in their target market shows that they want what the user proffers.

Similarly, users get notifications about relevant employment opportunities.

4. Gust


Gust is the platform solely made for startups; rather it claims itself as the world’s largest startup network.

Gust is a worldly SaaS funding platform which sources and manages early-stage investments for startups.

The platform helps connect entrepreneurs to potential investors and angel investor networks.

5. Meetup


Meetup is a unique platform that allows you to create local meetups.

After registration, you mark your interests.

The platform then sends you notification for any local meetups that might be useful to you.

The meetups include number discussions including professional topics to hobbies.

This way you can meet like-minded people locally.

6. Xing


Xing is a similar professional network like LinkedIn.

When you sign up, you can meet by sending or accepting an invitation to share your ideas or seek job opportunities with like-minded people.

You can find the latest news in your industry and discover relevant seminars, tradeshows, and other events.

You can post jobs and research companies. The platform is more popular in Europe against the US but is accessed in more than 200 countries.

It has free as well as premium features just like LinkedIn.

7. Bark


Bark is the platform where local professionals connect with people who’re looking for their services.

If you’re looking for a specific professional service, Bark will discover professionals available in your area and circle back with their charges.

8. Sumry


Sumry is a multi-functional website or better say a web app that builds easier first impression with online resumes and portfolios.

It allows you to aggregate and manage your certificates, skills and work experience and other professional pieces of stuff.

If you purchase its premium version, you would get a chance to introduce yourself before application submission.

Once you’re about to submit, it makes it easy application with one-click.

9. Slack


Slack offers two easy-to-operate features, one is messenger-based and another is a desktop application, where each community has a mixed public thread and option to ping anyone in the community.

Slack is the best messenger-app for businesses where they can a detailed conversation about the project in one go.


LinkedIn is certainly a great professional networking platform, but it’s not the end of the world.

There are several potential alternatives to it and this article potentially discovers this for you.

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