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Are you using Instagram Ads to reach your target audience?

Instagram has 600 million monthly active users and 300 million daily active users in 2016.

So, Instagram is already a huge market, if you’re still not using it for marketing your brand, then the right time to start is now.

More and more marketers are realizing the value of this platform for advertising. And, the best way to start the Instagram marketing campaign for your own brand is to know that what types of ads worked on Instagram.

In this article, we have brought up 9 examples of Instagram ads we adore and you would too. So, let’s take a look:

#1 Samsung Mobile Ad

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The Samsung Mobile’s new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone’s ad is one of the best examples of Instagram ad. It features three mid-shots of the phone to demonstrate the new features it possesses.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The mobile phones are shot on a white background which gives the image a stand out look.
  • The image signifies a simplified demonstration of the product.
  • The viewer’s attention is drawn towards the new feature with the clever and catchy caption.

#2 Lemon & Line

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The Lemon and Line’s ad for handcrafted bracelets and accessories is an attractive advertisement. It features the image of a man wearing clothes, which grabs the attention of the viewers due to the grabbing mix of primary colors.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The product can be clearly seen on the wrist of the model, but it is not kept as the focus of the image.
  • Red, yellow and blue are triadic colors which are highly contrasting, but create a strong balance and synchronization.

#3 Blinkist

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Blinkist is a mobile application for readers. In this, they are featuring one of their books that users can read in the condensed form.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The image captures the focus of users as it uses geometrical shape in the centre. Such shapes convey symmetry which is visually appealing.
  • The caption describes the service they offer and it works as a great marketing tactic.

#4 JustFab

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The advertisement of this brand is a great example of indirectly driving people towards your product. They have shaken things up in the image to grab the attention of the viewers’ towards the fall season with the fun and falling images.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The picture looks extremely great, showing off all the shoes and accessories available for the fall season.
  • And, the large icon ‘Free’ at the top right of the image is eye-catching.

#5 New York Times

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It is an ad of New York Times mobile app. It features the crossword puzzle which challenges the viewers to solve the puzzle. And, when they are able to solve the puzzle, they click on the ad and read about the offer more.

What makes the ad appealing? 
  • The static ad prompts users to make an interaction by solving the puzzle.
  • This type of nostalgia marketing is a good marketing tactic as this way your audience feels good about your brand’s content.

#6 Gilt Man

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This attractive image clearly describes the fashion men like to follow. This is a stand out ad on Instagram feed due to its attractive color combination.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The brand knows that classic combination of blue and light brown attracts users’ attention.
  • The accessories, shirt and shoes are arranged in crossing lines which is a visually appealing pattern.

#7 Headspace

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The ad clearly displays the service the application offers. It features a countdown clock which makes people feel relieved that they can get rid of their anxiety in just 10 minutes.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The image of the ad has warm and bright colors which prompts the feelings of courage and energy.
  • And, it also features words like ‘anxiety and ’happy’ which drives audience towards it.

#8 Fossil

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The Instagram ad of Fossil does a great job by mining text and images by creating a buyer persona for unique people who like luxury.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The off-kilter arrangement of texts images with text gives it a tempting look.
  • The caption speaks volume about the brand that they offer high fashion, quality and quirk.

#9 ClassPass

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The ClassPass ad cleverly communicates that they are running the discount promotion. And, the image also give the users idea that what kind of service they offer.

What makes the ad appealing?
  • The colors green, blue and purple provide the image a cool color scheme or theme which is ideal for both the genders.
  • The call-to-action displayed at the centre of the image is bold, clear and compelling.
  • The offer is for a limited time period also draws the attention of visitors due to scarcity.

We hope you were able to learn the tricks here in this article, so that you can effectively improve your advertising strategy on Instagram. Now, engage more people and boost your brand awareness by using Instagram ads.

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