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As a marketer, you need to analyze reach of your YouTube videos. When you plunge into your YouTube Insights and measure results, it helps you improve your efforts towards future content.

You can do it with YouTube’s video statistics and analytics tools.

Let’s find out ways to get YouTube analytical know-how and create improved branded content, so that your videos get viewed by the largest audience and discovered & shared effectively across the web.

1) To Follow The Number Of Views

How many views your video has gotten over the time; it’s important to know. This metric is given at the bottom right of every video and so, you can easily get a sense of popularity by checking out the number of views a video has received.

You can see what your average number of views is per video to get an obvious understanding of what video content does well and further, use this metric to figure out what type of content strikes best with your audience.

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2) To Check Ratings

Your video ratings are another metric that outlines direct viewer feedback. At the bottom right-hand corner of any of your videos, the views are displayed and here, you can see the number of likes or dislikes collected over the time.

To get in-depth view of these ratings, you can compare likes, dislikes, comments and favorites of a video. This metric is frequently a more prominent sign of engagement and when lined up with the aggregate number of views on a video, you figure out what video content your audience likes and what they don’t.

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3) To Explore Significant Discovery Events

To drive significant viewers to your new videos later on, you need to have a clear understanding of how the traffic was driven earlier. You can get to this information by tapping on the symbol at the bottom right of most YouTube videos.

This metric demonstrates the important referral sources of viewers to a video. Giving you significant bits of knowledge into marketing channels driving traffic to your videos, the data allows you to focus your efforts. Further, you can modify your video promotion strategy as needs be.

You can likewise observe which sites embed your videos naturally and connect with them. Further, alert them on launching upon a new video on your channel, so that, they can share your new video as well.

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4) To Evaluate Your Audience Demographics

To dive further into your video insights, tap on the view more statistics button and get more broad investigation about your video.

Getting a more profound handle of your audience demographics helps with further content creation as far as making it relevant for the age, gender and geographical location of your viewership.

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5) To Understand Viewer Drop-off

To know engagement on a more profound level, it’s important to know what extent your audience watched your YouTube video i.e. ‘Audience retention’.

In this way, look at audience retention metric to understand where your viewers quit watching your video. This is useful as it as it enables you to watch your video while seeing where watchers quit observing all in the meantime. Also, you can find shortcomings in your video and put off the same issues in the future.

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6) To Monitor Traffic Sources

When you analyze YouTube Traffic Sources section, it gives you an in-depth look at each traffic source you brand has, in view of groupings by channel.

You can segment by referrals likewise; from just YouTube, outside of YouTube, via mobile apps and by means of direct traffic and let your brand fully analyze a traffic source of interest for further promotion of other video content. Further, you can separate each segment on a granular level and decide whether traffic from YouTube search or YouTube suggested videos is more critical to your video promotion technique.

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7) To Use Sharing Statistics

One of the fundamental ways a video becomes famous online is through sharing on social media channels. So, make certain to utilize the sharing report in your video analytics and distinguish which of your videos is shared the most.

From this information, you can endeavor to make sense of prominent videos on social media channels and consider this data for future creation.

You can additionally add social media CTAs in your videos and encourage sharing of your videos.

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8) To Monitor Subscriber Engagement 

By screening the growth of your subscriber base to understand the general reach of your YouTube content and the proceeded interest your viewers show in future videos. This report helps you get a better sense of the subscribers whether lost or gained, picked up on a video-by-video basis.

Again, using CTAs in the form of annotations can work exceptionally towards gaining subscribers.

When monitoring this report on a video-by-video basis, you remain identified with trends in the rise or fall of subscribers.

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It’s essential to use YouTube Insights to quantify your video strategy alongside measuring your online presence. Consider the metrics mentioned above and let us know what you experienced by sharing your feedbacks in the comments below.

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