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If you want your local business to succeed on Instagram, you must take care of engagement along with followers, as this leads to conversion and sales.

Here, you have been offered 8 tips you can use to productively promote your local business on Instagram, create engagement, and fuel sales.

1) Involve yourself, participate

It’s suggested to spend engagement to make engagement.

By following influencers and other brands and joining the stirred conversations, you get an opportunity to interact with the content produced by them. And, the strategy further helps you establish your reputation in the Instagram community.

Along with, you can actively join conversations happening in the comment section of your posts and offer your answer to questions, concerns, praise, and other sentiments.

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2) Repost Local Content

Routinely reposting of content published by local followers, works. It helps build up your businesses’ reputation on Instagram and your local communities.  You can repost content published by local celebrities too.

As you share content created by real people, it sets up your brand’s accessible identity and humanizes it as a priceless input to the people.

This strategy successfully creates a stronger reputation in the community and also, saves you a lot of time creating original, distinctive content. Though, make sure to ask first and tag the user’s Instagram account.

3) Keep a Consistent Brand Identity

Considering all of the social media platforms including Instagram, there should be a sense of consistency, in particular of your brand’s tone and personality.

A brand most of the times is followed across many platforms by followers. So, if your Instagram persona is dissimilar from the tone set amongst used platforms, the approach confuses your customers.

Thus, when interacting with the customers on Instagram, it needs to support how it actually feels to visit your business in person.

If not, you may have underwhelmed customers. This brings a disruptive customer journey and may dishearten them all together.

4) Avoid Blanket Posting

What is Blanket Posting?

“Blanket posting is using the exact same message and content across different social media platforms.”

If you are following this, there is an increased risk that your customers following you across multiple social media channels are seeing an exact same message multiple times.

Thus, it stops being appealing and starts being disrupting.

Keep in mind that every channel is different and should be treated as such. It’s productive to do cross-promoting responsibly.

Though, blanket posting can be done if in case your business is hosting a local event or releasing new products as you want more & more people to know about you.

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5) Focus on Localized Hashtags

By focusing on localized hashtags, you can optimize the local reach of your Instagram page.

The strategy lets people in your area to hit upon your posts/business, using area-specific hashtags.

For instance, if you are captioning your outdoor photo, instead of using a generic “#nature”, use a hashtag that includes your location, like “#NewportNature.”

It’s an excellent practice to use hashtags including your area and the type of business you run.

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6) Geotag Your Posts

By practicing this strategy, you can help your followers to discover and visit your local business. Yes, they get to know where to find you.

How it works?

When you geotag posts with a location, users clicking on the location link are brought to a map page within the app that shows them exactly where your business is. It also shows other content posted from this location.

Though, it’s suggested to not to geotag your exact business location.

By geotagging the location, you create the opportunity for your content to be fi8nd out by people searching those locations on Instagram. This shows your business is an active participant in the community.


7) Go with the Trends

Use topics whose popularity you can leverage when creating compelling Instagram content.

This works hugely as garnering local attention and ensuring that you’re posting relevant and interesting content.

You can find trending hashtags, by paying interest to the news, local events, and even community-specific holidays. It’s really smart to follow other businesses, local celebrities, and other community thought leaders as you get to know about trending and local keywords to use.

8) Track & Measure Your Efforts Constantly

Consumer attitudes and behaviors keep on changing and it means that you as a business/brand need to take care of your followers changing preferences.

Pay maximum attention to the content creating the most engagement on your Insta page and investigate the reason of the sudden increase in likes, comments, and shares.

Seek for people insights as it is important; ask them what effort drew them in, this will inform you of strategies that are working in your favor.


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