Videos are considered to be a great tool in marketing as people generally prefer videos than other sources of information. Videos are more than just pictures and sounds. Videos present illustration on the topic in a much better way enabling the audience to grasp the things easily. However, there are some technicalities related with videos on distinguished platforms that you must know.

Here we have a list of tips that will help you access the full viral potential of you tube.


• Collaborate with You Tube Stars

You Tube Marketing 1 There are many you tube users who have a large subscriber base. You need to collaborate with them, ask them to talk about you in their videos and can give them freebies in turn. However, while doing so make sure that their audience is more likely to be interested in your product and services then only put your hands forward for collaboration as nothing comes for free in the world. It should not happen that you are doing it just for the heck of doing it. Let’s take an instance for example here suppose you are dealing Pharmacy, then partner with those who are health counselors or consultants or doctors and ask them to talk about your medicines while presenting health videos.


• Create backlinks to your site

You Tube Marketing 21 This is a wonderful way to bring qualified traffic to your site and converting them in to sales by linking the You Tube video back to your site. You can include a clickable link for your site right in the video description box making it easier for the audience.


• Fill in the information completely

You Tube Marketing 3 One of the facts that cannot be denied is the potential that YouTube videos have for high search visibility because it is owned by Google. This is why you are asked to fill out your descriptions thoroughly while publishing your videos. All those spaces that say title, descriptions, tags, category and so on should be completely filled.
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• Get your video stand out

You Tube Marketing 4 Be clever and don’t just craft a video that blandly points out your company’s benefits. Instead make it more interesting by adding some humor, try using some creative graphics and try to be as innovative as you can to make you stand out from the rest. It’s no point putting in your effort and time to make a video which is not going to go anywhere. Moreover, you can not overlook the fact that You Tube is rapidly becoming a saturated market for online marketing.

• Talk about your customers

You Tube Marketing 5 Well! Storytelling and data visualization have become the hottest trends in messaging. So go ahead tell a story, talk about your customers in your videos so that they can share the video on their network marketing your video at the same time.


• Ask your customers to post videos

You Tube Marketing 6 Going ahead with maximizing the You Tube’ marketing potential, the next important thing is to ask your customers to post videos about their experience with your brand. You might get both types of feedback through videos positive and negative. As far as positive are concerned they are anyway good for you and talking about the negative ones even they are good and valuable as they help you learn how you need to improve.


• Capitalize on YouTube

You Tube Marketing 7 I don’t know if you have observed it or not that your You Tube videos are bringing in a constant and more traffic to your website. Hence, simply be creative while making your videos for you tube and publish at least one video per week and exhibit more traffic to your website. However, make sure the content that you are publishing through your videos is fresh, creative and informative.


• Create a Video Landing Page

You Tube Marketing 8 Talking about B2B videos, it is advised not to use YouTube. Although You Tube helps you get rank in search results however you miss out to a lot of benefits as the video on you tube will of course rank but the one on your site is not going to rank. In such case we recommend to create a video landing page and sitemap optimized for your business. It will help your video rank high and will drive traffic to your website.



These were a few tips that you can make use of in order to enhance YouTube’s marketing potential. Videos are a wonderful way to express your ideas and convey the information your audience is looking for. Hence, utilize this need of the audience to expand your business.


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