selfi dsim

1) Bollywood Bhakts: They are the people who blindly follow the Bollywood actors and actress.

bollywood bhakt

2) Brand Experts: These people are completely brand freaks from their shoes to hair-band everything they wear or use is branded.
branded idiots

3) Passive Aggressive Bonehead: They find faults in everything you use or about to use. they are the people who use Samsung and will make fun of iPhone.


4) Nitwit who compare: They compare you with everything or anything. They compare you from a person to an object.
idiots compare

5) Selfie Freaks: They are obsessed with selfies. They take selfies for each and everything they do or about to do.


6) The Poker: They poke in  everything from a mail to a personal message to every single day task they poke you in everything.


7) Grammar Nazi: They are complete English freaks they are here on earth just to make you learn grammar.

8) Photoshop Screamers: The every single photo they post or they take, they Photoshop it.


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