Every New Year, a list of Twitter tools pops up and some of existing die off.

To give your Twitter marketing a solid kick-start, here is an updated list of Twitter tools.

Pay a look to them!!

1) TweetAdder

Twitter 1

TweetAdder allows you to add Twitter followers fast. You may add 150 new like-minded followers to your Twitter account every day.  It enables you to automatically build followers, send replies and thank-yous.


The Twitter tool is not a web application, but you can load it onto your computer.

Useful at

adding Twitter followers fastidiously.


Available for onetime purchase of $55 – $180 depending on your needs.

2) SocialRank

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SocialRank comes up as an audience segmentation tool and soon turned into content analysis and market research tool. The tool takes a deeper view into a Twitter account’s audience and their behavior.

The tool eminently helps in understanding the audience as well as filters them as Most Valuable or Most Engaged.


Users can also use the tool for narrowing their audience through location or bio keywords. One can save the search results or export them to a Twitter list.

Useful at

Content analysis, audience segmentation, market research


Upon request

3) Trendsmap

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Trendsmap is a roller-coaster Twitter tool that offers a basic, free feature that delivers information what’s trending around the world. It also proffers a 7-day history of Twitter trends, the rarest feature in the world of Twitter tools. As the name suggests, it has a map that adjusts the trends when you move from one country to another or zoom into a specific city. When a user clicks on a trending topic, a line graph appears and shows the performance of the topic in the last 78 days.


It also gives a free feature of account-level analysis for the top 1000 Twitter users.  Paid plans can offer some more features.

Useful at

Trend monitoring, account analysis


Free features, free trial, paid plans start at $25/ user/ month.

4) RiteTag

Twitter 4

RiteTag belongs to RiteKit family and is created for the hashtag lovers. If you’re unable to find the right Twitter hashtags for your current Tweet, consider this one.


As the tool can integrate into native Twitter, Chrome and management apps, it proffers suggestion for the most righteously engaging hashtag as per the theme of your Tweet.

It effectively shows the trending hashtags as well as their stats. It replicates Twitter’s own trending features.

Useful at

Hashtag suggestions, monitoring trends


Free trial, paid plans starting at $49 per year

5) Tweriod

Twitter 5

Tweriod is another free tool that helps in analyzing up to 1,000 Twitter followers. The report created includes the details of your tweets as well as your follower’s tweets to know the best time for tweeting.


What could be better than this when a tool lets you know which are the best time to tweets on the basis of an average across industries. There could be several probabilities, and one of them would be your audience may be more engaged on weekends than another account’s audience.

Useful at

Audience behavior analysis


Free features, one-off paid analysis starting at $5 per analysis, paid plans start at $4 per month

6) Daily 140

twitter 6

Daily 140 quotes itself as an email that is sent about the activity of accounts you track. The tool lets you know who these accounts follow and what are their favorites are. These things can automatically be generated into the email for you.


You can use the tool to know what influencers are paying attention and also which celebrity is following whom. The emails can be found in text format and the automation system of the tool is also easy to understand.

Useful at

Tracking accounts


Free with 3 accounts, paid plans start at $5 per month for up to 10 accounts

7) Tweetdeck

Twitter 7

Tweetdeck is quite similar to Hootsuite, and is a dashboard management tool which allows users to manage their Twitter and other social media accounts easily. It’s not the third-party tool, rather than the application owned by Twitter.


Tweetdeck is able to organize your Twitter audience into groups and thus it gets easier to make customized marketing communication.

Useful at

Twitter marketing


Free to use

8) ClickToTweet

Twitter 8

Twitter tools are different from each other and ClickToTweet is one of the best examples. It helps in creating clickable links to embed in the blog posts. Use the tool to catch the best, tweet-able quotes from your blog posts and put in them in between paragraphs. Now, the user needs to click to Tweet out the quote.


When you explore the dashboard, you will get the click activity for each of the Tweets that you’ve generated codes for. One can also find a date range filter.

Useful at

Blogging, content marketing


Free with limits, paid plans start at $4.97 per month


If you’re looking for top Twitter tools in 2019, you may have to take hassles.

So, we have eased your course and brought the list that includes the most popular and useful Twitter tools.

Rock the Twitter!!

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