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Your email subscribers are opting out? Have you looked for the reasons? The reasons why you are losing your email subscribers are not hard to discern. You need to be aware of your customer choices and interests and then, send them the mails which are relevant to them.

More than 205 billion emails are sent out every day and as per the studies people prefer to communicate through emails only. But still if they are unsubscribing you, then you need to know where you are going wrong?

To make you aware with the things that you may have been doing wrong, we have compiled up different reasons in this article that why are your subscribers opting out of your list.

1) Worn out Subject lines

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The overused subject lines are the major reason that your subscribers are opting out of your Email lists. You should keep your subject lines engaging that inspire the readers to click on them. Your subject line should explain what your email actually contains. It should not be more than 60 characters.

The clickbait you should avoid are ‘secret of’, ‘ALL CAPS SCREAMER’, ‘what you need to know’ etc. as these prompts user to hit on unsubscribe.

2) Emails aren’t optimized for different devices

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If your emails are not optimized for different devices and don’t open properly on smartphones, tablets etc. then it could be one of the reason people want to get rid of your mails. These days most of the users check their mails on their mobile phones, so you must take this in consideration and optimize it accordingly. The content looks much more appealing when it fits into the screen of device in which it is opened.

3) Sending out too many Emails

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When a person receives too many emails, then he or she gets pissed off and unsubscribe from your email marketing. Nobody has time to read too many emails from your company daily. At times over promotion can be a major turn off.

If the subscriber has opted for daily mail, then only mail him or her daily. Otherwise, send them weekly updates to provide value and keep your subscribers engaged and happy.

4) Purchasing Email lists

Buying email lists for sending cold mails mean that you are sending it to people who aren’t interested in you brand. Marketers often feel that this is the easy way to reach to more number of people but they forget to realize that they might lose customers.

Instead of purchasing lists you can put valuable content on your site which prompts them to download, this way you can easily grow your email list.

5) Sending irrelevant content

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If you are sending out content that your subscribers aren’t expecting, then they are likely to unsubscribe from your email list. When they subscribed, you promised to provide the tips, examples etc. and rather you are sending out mails that promote your products. Then, your subscribers will tire out immediately.

You should always provide related and valuable content. You should be aware with the user behavior and then send the content accordingly. When you send informative content daily, then your users remain engaged with your brand.

6) Emails you’re sending aren’t visually appealing

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Your emails need to be attractive and appealing which attract user attention. If what you are dropping in their inbox is not visually appealing, then it can be a reason readers are opting out from your lists.

An effective email design always works well for your business. So, you should implement quality and relevant images while sending mails, if you want your subscribers to stay with you.

7) Making mistakes too often

When you are sending out offers and it is particularly for men, but you send that mail to your entire list, instead to just sending it to men. This way customer gets to know you do not value them because that is the reason you are not taking out time to segment your audience.

You should make sure that you do not make such mistakes often, as it can lead your customers to click on the unsubscribe button. So, before you hit send check it twice.

8) No-reply email addresses are not very inviting

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No one likes to receive a mail which comes with a no-reply option. In many countries sending out emails with a no-reply address is not allowed. You appear to be arrogant when you send out such mails and subscribers turn into unsubscribers.

You hurt your efforts by telling your subscribers that you do not want to hear from them, so you should avoid doing this to let them know that you are there to listen to them.

So, now stop losing your email subscribers by avoid doing the above mentioned mistakes while mailing your subscribers. Start paying attention to what your audience wants and implement a strategy to get effective results through email marketing.

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