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Most of the businesses are vying to develop their content marketing strategies to engage their target audience with the interesting and knowledgeable content.

But what to do when all your efforts are going in vain and you are unable to unlock the content marketing secrets your company requires. You need to invest your time and efforts at the right place to generate better outcomes for your brand.

To help you improve your marketing strategy and make you a Content Marketing superstar we have brought up 8 amazing tools in this article.

1) Zapier

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It is an automation tool which connects over 300 applications to perform automated tasks. It automatically shares your content across different social media platforms.

How to Use?

Create a zap, so that when you post anything your Facebook page then the ‘zap’ automatically sends it to Buffer tool. And from Buffer, the queue is set up to send the post to other channels or networks.

  • Start workflows from any application.
  • Finish off routine tasks automatically.
  • Free version: Automate basic tasks.
  • Premium plans: $20 per month.

2) Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

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This tool helps you find out a relevant title for your blog post in just matter of seconds. When you’re stuck up with ideas, you must try this topic generator tool.

How to Use?

You just need to enter three nouns related to the topic you want t blog about. And the tool will generate ideas for your blog post.

  • Content creation and optimization.
  • Email marketing
  • Salesforce integration.
  • Event-based segmentation.
  • Basic: Entry tool for new inbound marketers, $200/month for 100 contacts.
  • Pro: For professional marketers, $800/month for 1,000 contacts.
  • Enterprise: Advanced version for marketing teams, $2,400/month for 10,000 contacts.

3) Mailshake

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Mailshake is the tool you need to excel in content marketing. It helps you promote content, increase traffic and build relationships.

How to use?

The only requirement to use this tool is that you need to have a Google account. Simply, sign up with your Google id and you will be able to use this tool.

  • Provides proven templates.
  • Monitor clicks and replies.
  • Promote content to key influencers.
  • Assists in finding contact information of marketers.
  • $9 per month per user.

4) Canva


A relatively young design startup that works as your go-to graphic designing tool. The tool lets you easily creating amazing images and infographics for both your social media profiles as well as your blog. Ready-to-use templates provided by the tool ensure you don’t lack anywhere when it comes to visual content. Trust the tool to take care of all of your designing needs while you focus on other important things.

How to use?

Signing up is easy, either use your email or you can opt for social login. Select from the default templates or create something from the scratch. Customize it with the huge stock library of shapes, icons, font styles and many other features. The drag-and-drop feature make sure your journey is hassle-free. Once created, download it into your preferred format.

  • More than 8000 Ready-to-use templates
  • Huge stock library of icons, shapes, font styles, illustrations and photos
  • Easy drag-and-drop Interface
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Collaboration tools
  • Account creation and basic features are free.
  • For paid features, one needs to pay $1 for each.
  • Also, Canva for work is available at $12.95 per team member/month.

5) Thinglink

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It is the tool which annotates images and videos and makes your content stand out from others and rememberable.

How to use? 
  • Upload your asset.
  • Add content to it.
  • And share via embedded code.
  • Cross platform.
  • Facebook integration.
  • Measurable engagement.
  • Fully customizable.
  • 360 degree or Virtual Reality Content.
  • Basic: It is free just for testing the potential of interactive images.
  • Professional: $20 per month.
  • Premium: $125 per month.
  • VIP Services: Custom quote.

6) Trello

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The tool helps you organize and prioritize your projects. It provides you a most visual way for your teams to collaborate and work on different projects. You can guide your team efficiently by creating lists and tasks on board.

  • Collaborate on projects.
  • Keep your team organized.
  • Sync all your devices.
  • Standard: Free.
  • Business Class: $8.33 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: $20.83 per user per month.

7) Quill Engage

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The tool is used for monitoring the results. It helps you understand your website performance by sending weekly emails. It explains Google Analytics data in normal English language which is easily understandable.

  • Insightful website reports.
  • Customized reports.
  • Easy to use set up.
  • Free: Sends only 1 Google Analytics Report.
  • Basic: $19.99 per month.
  • Premium: $49.9 per month.


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This tool is used for Twitter growth automation. It allows you to optimize and grow your social media presence. This lets you focus on users who are discussing a specific topic and if it is relevant your industry, then you can easily gain followers.

How to use?
  • Audience research.
  • Manage multiple twitter Accounts.
  • Build a targeted following.
  • Analytics and user insights.
  • Basic: $19/month for 1 account.
  • Pro: $49/month for 3 accounts.
  • Business: $99/month for 10 accounts.

We hope that these 7 tools will help you enhance your existing content marketing strategy and maximize your success rate. So, use these tools and get ensured that your interesting piece of content reaches to your potential audience and is shared by them across different social media platforms.

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