Do you have your own website for your business?

If yes, then how you choose a correct domain name that describes your business?

A right domain name selection is one of the most important decisions you make for your business.

It needs a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the website; you want to ensure you choose a domain name that not only fits your business but is also easy to find and promote.

Here in this article, you’ll see 8 important tips for choosing a perfect domain name for your business.

1) Keep it short

Short name can help keep a domain simple and unforgettable. If your domain name is long and difficult, possibility is that customers’ mistake or misspelling it. Keep it short and simple is the way.

A short domain name is better looking, easier to remember and type into a search engine; it’s also good for your email addresses and business cards.


2) Well Branded Name

Your domain name is the face of your company. So, you should confirm that it really sounds like a brand when you hear the domain name.


A good domain name is:
  • Unique
  • Clear
  • Short
  • Meaningful
  • Attractive
  • Motivating

3) Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords play a significant role in a perfect domain selection. Try using keywords that define your business and the services you offer.

It helps improve your rank and SEO on search engines and build trust to your customers. You will need to be more creative with keywords to make your domain stand out.

4) Use the Right Domain Name Extension

The “.com” domain extension is the most popular and memorable domain extension. Actually, ¾ of all websites use a “.com” extension.


If you can’t get the “.com”, go with other famous extensions like “.co” or “.net” or “.org”.

According to research from Registrar Stats, 75% of domains have the “.com” extension, second is “.net” and third is “.org”.


Top extensions and how they’re often used:
  • .co: an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info: informational sites.
  • .net: technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org: non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz: business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  • .me: blogs, resumes or personal sites.

5) Avoid numbers and hyphens

Never create a domain name with numbers and hyphens. These can be a sign of spam domains and you don’t want to give the wrong impression on your audience.

It can often be misunderstood, when people hear your website name don’t know whether you are using a numeral (4) or it’s spelled out (four) or they forget hyphen.

The number and hyphenated domains are always prone to mistake or typos.

6) Avoid Trademarks

You have to be careful before moving to the specific domain name; always check to see if there are any trademarks already registered to the name.

You should also check at trademarking the domain name yourself to avoid possible copyright harms in the future.

7) Easy to pronounce and spell

Your domain must be easy to pronounce and spell.  If someone asked your domain name in person it will difficult for you to spell. You make sure it sounds alluring and makes sense to others.

When people consistently misspell your domain name because it’s too complicated out, all of that potential traffic is lost.

Always make your domain easy for your customers to find you!


8) Check Availability on Social Media networks

If you choose a perfect domain name for you; you should check its availability on all social media networks.

To build your brand, it’s best to have the same name across your domain and social sites. This builds familiarity and makes it easy for your people, fans, and customers to find you around the internet.

You can use NameVine tool to check if the social channel for chosen names is available, do share your comments below.


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