We have seen many million-dollar ad campaigns where celebrities climbing a snowy and dangerous mountain or fighting with the goons.

Of course, these ads brought good sales and revenue to the brand, but can everyone afford such advertisement budget? No, perhaps!

This is where social media comes to the action and offers alternative options to every brand for creating affordable and winning ad campaigns.

Now, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn like social media channels you don’t have to spend millions of dollar i.e. budget is not the constraint.

What you have to do is to spend your money on the respective advertisement with proper planning and execution.

If you know the strategy and able to execute your schemes properly, social media is a true place for getting your goals achieved successfully.

1) Peel

Peel is an iconic thin phone case seller and it’s USP of selling are functionality and style.

Undoubtedly, social media is a great place to demonstrate the strengths of the products.

Facebook video ads play a major role in advertisement and Peel takes full advantage of this feature.


Peel’s Facebook video campaigns have generated a 16X increase in revenue and 3x higher ROI.


They are not only Facebook pro, but also the master of all the social media platforms. You can check the example of its Instagram feed.


The feed may not appear the biggest deal if your selling point is aesthetics, the little details like this boosts your messaging.

Apart from great and attractive presentation, Peel is quick at communication with customers on Instagram.


To become successful on social media, a brand needs to provide social customer care service and Peel greatly does this.


But, the larger a brand becomes, it gets more & more difficult to manage its social profiles.


You can use different Smart Inbox services in order to manage questions, comments, and messages from the customers.  You will be to answer without hindrances.

2) Wayfair

Wayfair is the next in the row and it’s an online furniture and home goods retailer. It has a large audience base active on Instagram.

For years, it has been one of the biggest challenges for retailers to turn a general Instagram user into an active purchaser.

The scenario changed in 2017 when Instagram brought new shopping features.

Instagram shopping allows brands to tag particular products within a picture so that users can go directly to a landing page and buy it.

Wayfair employed this feature into their social media strategy.

Here’s an example of what the process looks like.

Shoppable posts first look visually appealing and include a shopping bag icon in the photo’s corner.


3) Wholesome Culture

Wholesome Culture is the best social media example. The retailer engaged in the competitive industry of fashion.

The fashion retail brand focuses on people who live a plant-based lifestyle.

Although Wholesome Culture isn’t the first brand to take this step, it is doing several things a number of brands can learn from.

Wholesome Culture followed the strategy of posting content based on viral memes and pop culture traditions.


These memes are effective in bringing high engagement to the page.

To exploit the engagement brought from these posts, they typically put them in between content which is more directly related to the products they sell.


These memes are not random rather catering to the brand’s audience and the overall message of being animal-friendly.

The posts are engaging enough to catch the attention of the audience and probably intrigue people to learn more about the brand through the posts.

Wholesome Culture also employs another tactic i.e. sharing short vegan recipes videos.


You might be wondering why a clothing brand would post recipe videos. It comes down to knowing your audience and creating the type of content they want to see.

Now, it’s totally unconvincing that a clothing brand posts recipe videos. But, the reason is to know the audience and creating their preferred content.

Wholesome Culture explaining the reason more in detail: “We have an audience who love plant-based diets. One of the toughest challenges of a vegan food lover is to find new and yummy recipes. Thus, posting of such videos helps in attracting and also increases engagement. So, there are lots of advantages”.

Wholesome Culture uses Instagram hashtags to get discovered by their targeted audience.


4) General Electric

GE is already a popular and established social media brand. They are decade old business and always love to be in the social media conversation (in recent times).

GE has adopted killer Facebook video marketing strategies in particular.

GE does not include general videos on Facebook rather avail videos having technological innovations on which they’re working in order to educate their audience.

Apart from Facebook, GE has also released a number of videos on YouTube showing the work of their employees.

Their video marketing doesn’t just stop with Facebook.



ASOS love to use user-generated content as part of their social media strategy. Here is an #AsSeenOnMe campaign example.


ASOS asks its followers for the hashtag use whenever they’re showing off their outfit from the retailer.

They will be added to ASOS Instagram feed in return and thus will get enough exposure.


ASOS uses UGC very smartly in their feed as well as to promote the products people wear in photos.

If you see the image cautiously, you will find product description as well as a number.

It allows people to easily search and find the looks in the photos if they are keen to buy it.

If you will see, you’ll find on top of that ASOS has a dedicated web page where people can easily purchase different looks featured in #AsSeenOnMe.

6) Tena

People happily share their photos of the latest outfit on Instagram, but there are a few or none who posts videos discussing incontinence.

This is the challenge Tena faces as they sell products helping adults who experience incontinence.


Tena’s social media approach is to show how normal the condition is and also to give information on how to live with it.

Their one latest social campaign was to showcase their new My Pelvic Floor Fitness (pff) app.

To spread the word the brand made a video and run a social media contest.

This ad was a nice social marketing example for a couple of reasons.

The first one is, “uniting women around an issue that many experiences but few talks about”.

The second reason is “the contest works it encouraged fans to engage. People didn’t just have to enter in their email in order to participate. They were asked to post a selfie while doing the exercises featured in the app.

7) Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear is an important part of social media marketing case studies and the sunglasses brand was made with a combination of Facebook Ads and Instagram influencer marketing.


Blenders Eyewear uses a couple of social media marketing tactics for selling their eyeglasses.

One of the examples is Facebook promotion strategy and it used to increase ROAS by 62% and 2x their CTR. The brand lets its audience do the talking.


Ads were created highlighting customer reviews and products comments.

8) Casper

Caper is a leading mattress brand that is advancing ahead in the competition with the help of their strong social media strategies.

Casper adds humor to their posts without bringing inauthentic or crude.


As stats show bringing humorous social media content is a big challenge and only 36% of consumers make a purchase because of humor content in the post.


Although Casper pulled it off and in place of focusing on mattresses solely, they showed the value of products.

In general, people don’t care about mattresses; they care about the utility of the product. Here the key product usability is a comfort.


Social media is a great platform where businesses can achieve their target goals. But, some of the brands excel and some of them fall to the ground.

There would be a reason why the brand needs strong social media marketing strategies and from the above-mentioned examples, you can learn how to nail your social media marketing.

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