The competition among social media channels is quite visible and each of them tries to offer a great user experience.

To simplify and allow users an easy access and run, the social media platforms offer them tools.

These tools are a one-stop program that enables a user to handle a number of features in one go.

Facebook is one leading social media channel that has exceptional regards for offering stupendous tools to manage the platform and its subsidiary Instagram.

1) Facebook Brings New Tools For Facebook and Instagram Time Management

Facebook comes with new tools so that users can manage their time on Facebook & Instagram, both.

These tools have a new activity dashboard that comes with many features. Like, it would let you know the average time spent on the app and a daily reminder to make you know you’ve reached your self-imposed time and others.

According to Facebook, the tools are going to roll out soon on Facebook & Instagram.

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2) No Friend List Feeds Option in Facebook iOS App

Facebook for iOS app users will no longer be able to use friend lists to see posts from specific friends in one feed after August 9, 2018.

After August 9, 2018, Facebook iOS app users will not be able to use friend lists to see particular friends in one feed.

Although these users can still see the News Feed in the latest orders and utilize friend lists to share the post with specific groups, for instance, “family”.

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3) Facebook Improves Video Metrics to Offer Better Viewing Patterns

Facebook has changed its video ad metrics in order to check the total amount of time and remove redundancies in reporting.

Seeing that users can rewind and re-watch parts of Facebook video ads and now the company has updated its video ad metrics for three and ten-second. These videos can have seconds that are rewatched after rewinding.

Apart from this, the company is going to remove 30-second video view and video percentage watched metrics and to add a new “video plays” metric.

This metric will help to measure a user completely sees a video auto-playing in the feed against when a user sees an impression when the video ad is not played.

As per to believe Facebook, these updates will be out for all global advertisers within the next two weeks.

4) Facebook Rolled Out Three New Ad Solutions for Gaming Marketer

Facebook brought three new ad solutions that will help gaming marketers to include valuable players to their network.

These solutions made for game developers and companies include retention optimization, playable ads a minimum ROAS bidding.

Playable ads can be accessed by all advertisers employing the app install objective for ads in the News Feed.

Retention optimization will be brought later this year. Value optimization associated with minimum ROAS bidding will come in September on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

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5) LinkedIn Brings a New Campaign Manager Reporting System

LinkedIn rolled out a redesigned reporting experience that focuses on the performance of campaigns and quickly optimize for better results.

The major changes to this update include quick-loading data, new navigation tools, enhanced search qualities and others.

These changes were included in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager last week.

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6) Facebook Users Can Now Send Private Messages with Friend Requests

Facebook comes with the option to send a private message along with a friend request.

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7) Snapchat Rolls Out Its First Speech Recognition Lenses

Snapchat brought a new kind of Lens responding to simple voice commands like “Hi”, “yes” or “wow”. A reputed blog reported that five or six new lenses can be accessed by Snapchat users within the next week.

They can be seen over the periods in the Lens carousel along with the others from August 1st.

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8) Snapchat Tests Sticker Packs

Last week, Snapchat brought a new Snapchat Storytellers Pilot Program that is made to connect businesses to the app’s five most influential content creators and influencers.

This week, the app tests creator-made sticker packs for the Snapchat as well. The first set of creator sticker was brought by Geir Ove Pederson, known as Geeohsnap and followed by Harry Hambley’s popular cartoon.

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Social media is always full of updates. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or LinkedIn, each of them keeps changing their features in order to provide the better user experience.  Read on the updates here and be informed.

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