Best Promotional Product Video

If you are including a video in a product promotional strategy, makes it brilliant. A video can be as per your customer base such as promo, teaser, description, feature rich etc.

Companies attract active viewers due to the quality of their content. People not only search these video, but they share and discuss them with their social networks.

Here are the 8 best examples of promotional product videos.

1) Google

Google launched a video to show how the company has evolved and how much progress its products have enabled in the world around.

The company introduced a new logo and its perfect moment for remembrance.

The video uses others to tell the story. Google put the focus on the users, media, and cultural leaders adopting and promoting products in the way.

2) Simply Hike

Simply Hike makes great product videos. Tents are one of those products that user probably want to see before buying.

So, the company has created an excellent video that explains all the important information and allows customers to take a good look inside and outside of the tent.

3) Apple

Apple launched a video to show a collection of seemingly small enhancements of product and strings them together. And, it showed the advancement of new functionality exceptionally.

4) Shopify

Shopify’s video is just a minute long but it does a great job of enlightening the company’s service while making it seem like signing up is a very simple process.

Its music relaxes the viewer and helps to influence them of the benefits of using Shopify.

5) Dove

Dove has created a brand based on the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. This is captivating and powerful. Their videos display this idea rather than their particular products.

6) GoPro

GoPro uses videos recorded exclusively with GoPro cameras to fuel word of mouth about their products and to boost others to go out and film themselves.

Their videos feature real people using GoPro cameras to record amazing, first-person footage of thrilling sporting activities.

7) Native Union

Native Union tells a beautiful story of convenience for modern technology customers which at this point, is near all of us.

The video is refined and crisp. The home reminds viewers of their own, or of the one they want. This video touches on both need and wants to push viewers closer to conversion.

8) Kelty

This video combines a product description as well as ‘a how to’ for set up. It’s simple but gives everything anyone would need to decide if they wanted to buy the product. This is the best example of bringing the offline buying experience to the online world.

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