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For search marketers, there is dependably a need of finding better approaches to get their clients the most traffic and visibility on the foremost search engines.

There are various blogs and websites where they can go to absorb knowledge, learn and drive towards expertise and abilities in PPC.

There are a number of PPC blogs or forums written by best search marketing authorities and there you could go and learn. So, explore them, get info and use it to create campaigns producing good results.

1) PPC Hero

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By ‘Hanapin Marketing’

PPC Hero, the most sought-after platform to get Paid Search Advertising tips from PPC experts, for everyone. It is written by Hanapin Marketing and serves the purpose of educating the world on the finer skills and basic techniques of successful pay per click management.

This blog is a fully comprehensive source of everything you could possibly want to know about SEM.

Here you can access PPC case studies, experiments, news updates, tips and tricks, and important insights on useful search marketing strategies.

Read it every day!

2) Google Inside AdWords

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By Google 

When searching for news, Betas, or new releases it’s better to hear straight from the horse’s mouth.

It’s the official AdWords blog and is an awesome place to keep up to date with newly took off features and product. So, be the first to know whenever any major change happening and keep on visiting this blog regularly.

3) Wordstream

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Here you can find thorough posts on PPC management and strategy based on real data.

Wordstream blog features posts on PPC management and strategy based on real data and also, covers a varied range of topics like content marketing, mobile advertising, sales, affiliate marketing, and search marketing.

You can read here infographics, white papers, guest posting and overall content creation are second to none in the PPC space.

4) Bing Ads Blog

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This is a platform that SEM people cannot ignore and is making great strides in chosen areas. It helps you know areas like device targeting, search partner targeting, social extensions etc. in a better way.

So, those willing to learn the art of Advertisers Science, this is the place for you.

5) CPC Strategy

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CPC Strategy a retail-focused Search agency specializes in driving conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent. So they primarily focus on Google Shopping and latest PPC trends, in their blog.

This blog publishes super actionable content on a seemingly daily basis and is one of the best resources on Retail Adverts and E Commerce.

6) Search Engine Watch, Land and Journal

The finest places to get your daily dose of SEM/PPC as well as SEO and general digital news. These are three different news and information websites that features daily search engine industry news & trends in search marketing (SEM) – paid search advertising (PPC) & lot more.

These blogs cover a range of customer acquisition strategies from content marketing to SEO and social media. So, agencies/brands/individuals looking for immediate results, the sites are great.

7) Tenscores Blog

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A blog about learning how to optimize your Google Adwords campaigns from their first impressions to squeezing all the traffic and conversions they can offer!

Its landing page offers two choices right off: advanced or beginner and by clicking on either of them, you reach your place to get tips and tricks at your level of expertise.

8) iSpionage

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iSpionage blog offers important insights and strategies for Brands/Agencies/Advertisers to quickly optimize on SEO, AdWords and other PPC campaigns using information from their top competitors.

The iSpionage blog also offers valuable search engine marketing insights for PPC advertisers and covers topics ranging from competitive PPC intelligence to Conversion Rate Optimization.

Follow this blog to keep a check with competitive intelligence.

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