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Are you using Facebook’s features to promote your business?

Do you need to be more prominent on Facebook?

Facebook has a huge impact on businesses including how to attract leads, track conversions and manage promotions.

In this article, you’ll see 8 overlooked Facebook features that’ll help you better manage and promote your business.

#Customize Your Facebook News Feed

The News Feed has most of the content and information on Facebook. With a few customizations, we can make sure that we see the most relevant and important post.

1) Select your preferences

This lets you select whose posts would always be on the top of your News Feed. You can pick up to 30 people or Pages to see first.

To select which posts you want to see first in your news feed, click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and choose News Feed Preferences.


Then click Prioritize Who to See First.


This lets you select both personal profiles and business pages that you’re following so their updates get prominence in your news feed.


2) Use Friend Lists

You can manage your friend list on Facebook. This lets you see Facebook posts of definite groups of friends whom you are more interested in keeping in touch with.

You can see the “Friends List” option under “Explore” on the left sidebar.


You can also create your own friend lists by clicking “Create List”.


3) Control Notifications

You can even be informed every time your favorite Facebook Page publishes something. Facebook gives you the option to select the types of posts you want to be informed about.

Go to the Facebook Page, over the “Following” tab, and click on the edit icon beside “Notifications”.


You can also modify the notifications for the Page’s posts, events, and live videos.


#Generate More Engagement

4) Save Post as Drafts

When you’re busy and have a post idea for the best Facebook post, and have no time to create a perfect post at that point of time; Facebook has a solution for this – DRAFTS!

When you make your post, you have the choice to save it as a draft, or schedule it, or even backdate it.


5) Motivate Private Messages

Motivate your audience to send a private message to your page is an amazing way to build trust and engagement.

It also lets you offer customer service and answer detailed questions a client may have; without making them feel uncomfortable on others seeing what they ask.

Select the Get Messages and it will automatically add a button to your post that takes people straight to Messenger.


6) Quick overview of your Facebook ads

You can see the information about your Facebook ads in the right column of section. You can see a full summary of using or used Facebook ads for any of your Facebook pages.

You can also switch between your Facebook Pages accounts to see their corresponding ad results.


You can also see in this section:
  • A tip for Facebook ads
  • Today’s ad results
  • This week’s ad results
  • Latest unread message for the Page
  • Options to create an ad or a post

#Post-Level Metrics with Page Insights

You can use Page insight to monitor the success of your post and your audience metrics. You can see these metrics in the Posts tab of your Page Insights.

7) Different Reach Data into Fans/ Non-Fans

Click the down arrow next to “Reach: Organic/Paid” to disclose choices for different evaluations.


Choose the Fans/Non-Fans metric to see the number of non-fans who are seeing your content. This reach metric is a useful sign if you’re trying to grow your audience organically.


8) Splitting Post Comments from Reactions and Shares

You can track comments instead of click or responses. Click the down arrow next to “Reactions, Comments & Shares” and choose Reactions/Comments/Shares from the drop-down menu.


Facebook will then split the data into three data points in the table and remove post clicks from the picture.

Here you can see the reach of this post to fans (light orange), non-fans (dark orange) and the engagement split into reactions (purple), comments (pink), and shares (light pink).


This result gives you an overview of the responses that Facebook is computing than the default setting gives.

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