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Getting it totally in head; yes that Friday Feeling, it’s time to share a couple of best posts on content marketing, published on DSIM’s blog.

Today’s roundup is a collection of practiced tips and tricks on the best way to pull in, acquire and retain important audiences for your brand with Content Marketing.

So, which are your top picks amongst all, share them in the comments below!

1) Rock your Content Writing with 11 Proofreading Tools

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Content is regularly written and published in a pressurized situation. Numerous content editors, occupied workloads and tight due dates mean it is no surprise small mistakes can easily slip through the process. But, why to let your content down, when you can easily avoid it?

We know there is not always enough time to do so, when you are working on plenty of projects. Here are 11 proofreading tools to help you do so i.e. to get your content writing faultless by polishing it.

2) 10 Hacks to know your Content Marketing Efforts are Working Well

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Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters says that, “The goal of content marketing is not to be good at content. The goal of content marketing is to be good at business because of content.”

And, for this you should have the answer of, “Is your content Marketing working well?”

Interestingly, the post here tells you about 10 hacks practicing which you can measure your content marketing success rate and effectiveness.

3) 7 Tools to make you a Content Marketing Superstar

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A serious question? What to do when every one of your endeavors is going futile and you can’t open the content promoting achievement your brand needs.

A workable way is to invest your time and efforts at the right place and these 7 amazing tools are an absolute stunner in making so. Now, it’s time to improve your marketing strategies to become a Content Marketing Superstar.

4) 17 Online Tools to help you find Trending Content

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If you are a content marketer, you need to be at the forefront of the game.  But the type is constantly evolving and it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s changing and so, we are here to help.  The post has rounded up 17 best of the online tools for keeping you up with content ideas & news on regular basis.

Now, go ahead with managing your social media calendar with these 17 superb tools.

5) 7 Things To Do When Your Content Is Failing To Generate Leads

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Are you feeling lost while generating leads with your content marketing campaign? Lead generation is a must to constantly grow your business, though it’s tiresome and risky; one mistake and you may lose it all.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where all your efforts to generate leads with the content you publish are going in vain, then you need to renew and re-plan your strategy. What could you do: read in this post?

6) 5 KPIs To Be Alert With Content Marketing Measurement

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As we recognize that our audiences are finding out about, and exploring through, more and more information about our brand, products, services or topic when researching online, we need to install sophisticated strategies to get on the details.  One such is considering manage and review your content marketing effectiveness.

Therefore, the accompanying 5 considerations should be priority when you and your company think about content marketing KPIs & metrics. Consider each point and give yourself the answers.

7) 5 Powerful Distribution Tools to Skyrocket Your Content Reach

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Need more individuals to see your content? Have you considered new strategies for sharing content? Look beyond the big social networks to expand your influence, increase exposure and grow your following. In this article, we have shared 10 tools to use to increase your reach and get your content noticed. Read on the post to get entire details!

8) 7 User-Generated Content Examples You Can Use Right Away

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Tired of attempting to wrench out the unlimited floods of content to appease today’s consumers? There is an option and that is user-generated content.  Placing users in the content driver’s seat you can permit businesses and brands to altogether develop content, create and fortify consumer relationships, resulting into maximized conversions and sales opportunities.

So, 7 User-generated Content Campaigns that have actually worked; simply for you.

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