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To earn links which your competitors are not having, you need to step outside of regular link building practices. And, when done these efforts will surely lead you towards a unique advantage in your organic search campaign.

To help you earn plenty of valuable links, we have brought here 8 latest link building processes; let’s take a look:

1) Create Interactive Data

Interactive data is turning out to be the new infographic as it could be made in engaging and informative manner.

But, how it is good for link-building purposes?

Creation of interactive data allows other bloggers to know their position on a topic.

So, when you execute interactive data in an effective manner and with suitable outreach, it gets back with a good number of quality links.

The only thing you need to do make it highly attractive and lend it in an inventive way.

Interactive data is cost-driven and easy to curate from the technical perspective.

2) Start Taking Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency for link building sounds unconvincing, isn’t it?

Although, it’s true and you have to make simple efforts.

You must have heard different news about the cryptocurrency and its volatility, but it can give you desirable returns.

One thing that makes cryptocurrency considerable for the purpose is its newness to the industry and that is its strength, which allows businesses to accept as further financial transactions which again are a new kind of payment system. It’s new enough to get linked for money transaction reasons as well.

Now, further in this section is the recommendation of mentioning the “acceptance of cryptocurrency for financial transaction” on your website.


Now, you have to reach the individuals who are engaged in cryptocurrency business and ask them to include you.

So, apart from the capital gains, you can get high-quality links also.

3) Publish ‘Best of’ or ‘Top’ Type Posts

Listicles are the great way to make interactive posts, but when include the best of a particular topic, you can expect potential and high-quality link.

Creating a post with a title like top or best 10, 20, or 50 about a particular subject help you to produce a valued content that are searched on the Google.

If you take such topics mentioning about the celebrities or popular places or technical procedures, people who are already involved in such type of blogging will consider you for linking to your post.


4) Become an Influencer

Why to become influencer, but, before that, you should know who are they?

An influencer is a person whose ideas and views are shared through social media and their websites and valued by a large audience in the industry of that person or among targeted audiences or industries.

When you become an influencer, it would become easy to gather the audiences and their reliability. You can reach them without hindrances and thus, influence them for earning more links immediately after publishing the post.

Josh Steimle is the founder of Influencer Inc addressing his audiences whose image is published on Twitter.


5) Focus on Complementary Products/Services

Your goal of getting more and more links can become a tough aspect as many of the pertinent link builders can be your competitors and surely they won’t like you to grow by linking your website.

Many link creators lose a handful opportunities because they keep looking for links from similar kind of websites and they never step ahead to get links from websites that sell products or services which are complementary to theirs.

That’s a huge mistake because it’s usually a lot easier to earn links from these websites.

Individuals doing so make a big mistake as complementary resources are an easier way to get links. You just to need to focus on those complementary websites, which can play an imperative role in your products or services.

For instance-

For example, an SEO marketer might curate content about:

Creating this content is only half of the equation, however, because, in order to earn links from it, you’ll need the people behind the product/services it’s about to know it exists.

If you are popular, the tactic is going to help you, but it would be good to publicize your content before creating as you will come to know whether people are interested in linking or not.

6) Become Guest on Relevant Podcasts

Podcast on iTunes is popular and you should find the best way to earn links as many podcasts have their own websites with their everyday episode, show notes, and links to their guest’s sites.

As most podcast owners are looking for popular and interesting experts to interview, this is quite an easy way to get potential and quality link.


What next you need to do-

“Prepare a list of related podcasts which have show notes having the website links of their guests and you would want a link from those websites”.

Ask them to become a guest.

7) Publish the Ultimate Resource List for Your Industry

When it is said that “the ultimate resource list of the industry”, then it shouldn’t be a bland post which comprises numbers of resources which have already been documented several times on the web.

With this title, it is meant to create the list of resources which are untapped and unidentified by the people, but overly useful for them. Make sure you are making a precise description of each resource and if needed add images.

By the time you publish the list, make sure it is well formatted and adjusted beautifully category wise and comprise a content table with jump links.

Some of the resources specific to your industry that you might want to include are:
  • Licencing, governing, and regulatory bodies
  • Top publications
  • Software
  • Data sources
  • Laws pertaining to your industry
  • Industry leaders
  • Employment/staffing firms specializing in your industry
  • Industry associations and trade groups
  • Tools
  • Facebook/LinkedIn groups
  • Top Books

Whichever industry you are targeting can easily be written in more than 5000 words and as it is more than a list of links as you have given your valuable time and effort in creating the valuable post, most of the people will insanely link to the post instead of creating their own.

Why should you go for the tactic?

This is because most of the websites are on WordPress, and you don’t even need to do much outreach because most of the sites mentioned in your list will get notified that you’ve linked to them.

You can easily reach them asking to proffer a link to your resource list.

8) Publish Unique and Difficult to Find Data

Do you belong to an industry with frequent data changes and they are tough to find then after?

If yes, then this could be a great opportunity to make link worthy content on the basis of that data. The main thing is to look for more than raw data and give your own views, thus turning it completely unique.

This is an important step as data can be plagiarized and hardly provide any significance. This is the time where the opinion of true or industry expert comes to the fore.

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