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In India, Internet users have reached up to around 463 million and it has become the country with the world’s 3rd largest internet population and within the next 3 years, additional 300 million will get added to the population accessing the Internet in India.

The current increase rate is measured at 34.8%. The industry has approx. 8 lacs job options at present and is anticipating grasping higher impressions within the coming years.

Digital Marketing Jobs on various portals:

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The shifting trends are speaking of changes owned by the Digital Industry and the economy will seek for experienced marketers well-versed with the practicality of digital platforms, further causing a growth in digital and social media budgets.

The current marketing scenario and predictions:

Technological advancement has changed Indian Market into a buyer’s bazaar being perceived as one of the biggest online consumers market. Here, to see yourself winner, you must have the strategy to reach to your target audience and Internet Marketing is the most convenient and powerful platform to reach your target customers who have a potential to buy.

Few stats which say there is a booming Internet Marketing Industry in India:
  • Digital Marketing Industry is growing high in India with 50% growth rate.
  • India has seen a 20x growth in search queries in the last 5 years
  • India is now the 2nd largest market for YouTube.
  • On an average, Indians spend around 16 hours a week online, overshadowing Television.
  • India has nearly 998 million mobile subscribers including 264 million subscribers with internet enabled mobile phones.
  • The Indian Online advertising market is growing at the rate of 50% per year.
  • Spending on digital marketing is predicted to grow 12% in the next year, while budgets for traditional (non-Internet) advertising will fall 2%.
  • Total spending on Internet advertising is predicted to grow 12.9% next year (2017).
  • The Internet has become the largest medium for advertising in 2016 (ahead of TV): MediaPost
  • McKinley found 90% of all marketing roles required some digital marketing experience or analytical skills.
  • Other areas for digital marketing growth include social marketing, content creation and management, search marketing, email marketing, analytics and video production.
  • E-commerce has become a major recruiter of digital marketing professionals.
As per the studies, the starting salary for digital marketing professionals at various levels will see the range of:
Job TitleExperience in YearsSalary (INR in Lacs Yearly)
Team Lead2-42.5-5.50
Digital Marketing Head5-1010.0-40.0
Digital Marketing Jobs Growth Trends for 2017:


Digital Marketing expertise has led the pack in 2016 for the most desired skill sets and is expected to keep on in 2017 as well, as the effort of companies to enter new digital channels of engagement is pouring up the request for digital marketing professionals. Now, it’s your turn to play your way to the top to win the digital giveaways.

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