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Setting up a solid brand identity is important just like a key ingredient in building trust, making customers feel comfortable, and making long-term followers.

There are several things that together make the contribution and so, is the Brand color; having a relationship with brand value.

Just like several other aspects, it’s equally important to choose the right color scheme for your website.

Here are 8 important tips on how to pick the perfect website color scheme, so that you can make it pop:

1) Familiarize yourself with colors affecting emotion

The very first thing suggested is to understand how color influences individuals in emotional terms.  You should spend some time looking at examples & info available on web and also, thinking about the psychological implications of the different colors. An inclusive look at the role color plays in marketing and how it impacts customer engagement can really help you in driving your endeavors effectively.

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An image depicting various CTA buttons color effect.

2) Think about your audience demographic

Now, it’s time to think about people whom you’re trying to reach and sell to i.e. your target audience.

Consider the personality and emotions of your target audience and then, go for the best color option. Give it a place of primary color. To state an illustration, if you are an organic food company, green would be the best color for your website as it’s associated with nature and health. Emotions and psychology behind common colors!

3) Think about age group

It’s not obvious to think about age group but is needed to do so.

Studies have revealed that an individual’s preferences changes with age and when there are certain age groups ruling yours demographic, you have to consider this factor too.

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4) How many colors should be used?

Excluding the primary color you have decided, it’s time to figure out how many colors you want to use in total.

Here is the 60-30-10 rule saying three colors should be used in varying degrees (60%, 30%, 10%) to create the perfect harmony.

  • 60 percent of a dominant color
  • 30 percent of a secondary color
  • 10 percent of an accent color

To make it clearer, here is an example exhibited. Green here is the primary color, white is the secondary color and black is the accent color. It’s not mandated to go only with three colors rule but is a good one, to begin with.

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5) Choose your set of colors

Figure out which set of colors you want to use and keep in mind that your choice should be easier on your visitors’ eyes and creates at least a certain amount of aesthetic appeal. However, one should definitely achieve the contrast.

A good example to look at:

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6) Consider gender

There are brands/companies which cater to a specific gender and if you are the one amongst them, you should know what are men’s and women’s favorite and least favorite colors. Studies have shown that each gender has definite color preferences.

Images revealing favorite color by gender:

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You can keep this factor in mind while working on your website color scheme.

7) Use tools for help

A simple tip to streamline the process; use tools!

There are tools like Adobe colorColor Scheme Designer, Colorspire, etc. giving you a fast and easy way to test out different color combinations to give you a preview & better idea about their execution on your website. This will help you not only save the time but to find the right color combinations.

8) Come up with different color schemes; compare & choose the best

When you commit yourself to the first color scheme you have come up with, it sounds exceptionally restricting and isn’t suggested as well.

Coming up with three or four different color schemes and comparing each one side-by-side help you find the color scheme that fits your brand most.

Here, you simply need to understand the psychology behind color and the emotions that various colors conjure up. And, with a bit of experimentation and trial and error, you should be able to come up with the optimal website color scheme.

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