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Exit popups: your secret weapon to higher conversions

Do you want to know what an exit intent popup is?

Here is the answer: When a visitor tries to exit your website or landing page, a popup will appear with a different offer or a reason for them to stay around longer.

The idea is not to stop anyone from leaving but to hit visitors that would otherwise leave and forget about you with an irresistible offer.

Exit popups help re-engage visitors who were about to leave. Here the article has hacks that can make your exit popups super effective and help you create a great experience for your visitors.

#1 Arrows to Guide

The strategy works to the advantage within exit intent popups while making your visitors experience even better.  At the time when you are driving your visitors home, this works exceptionally pointing out the main benefit or to the actual CTA itself, dropping friction in the brain.

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#2 Your “No” trickery option

It does create an easy, no-brainer yes, and when someone does click on that ‘yes’, it builds their thrust towards essentially converting. A choice can leave doubt in people’s minds if they did make the right decision or not and the choice when lingering on in their minds, gives them likelihood of coming back to the site anyway.

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#3 Coupons to lessen Buying Friction

With this, your customers have now reasons to stay longer to discover your products, and are more likely to buy at better prices.

The strategy is important and effective as studies have shown that a coupon when makes the product of the price more acceptable for customers, you get an opportunity to make an additional sale. It’s a winning situation as you were about to lose that visitor forever.

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Here is an example that tries to catch a customer at the point of leaving with 20% off coupon.

#4 Urgency that doesn’t feel cheap

The example here taken from WordPress Countdown doesn’t fake urgency and keeps you accountable to only offering your time-sensitive offers during your set time periods. Urgency with your exit popup can be classy, folks. And you don’t even have to employ the despicable scarcity mindset that a lot of scammy online tricksters use.

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#5 Discount style!

This strategy of offering an extra offer in an effort to get people to convert works as letting them save a little extra money. So, a workable hack!

You can give extra month/days free in case of running a SaaS business, a percentage-based discount on the orders, or free shipping. Think about what’s appropriate for your business model and choose accordingly.

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#6 Employing Scarcity

Scarcity works because it forces action. If you want it, you have to decide now.

When you are introducing something soon and there is a visitor on a landing page talking about that specific product, employing exit-intent based scarcity to get people to think twice about opting in, is a workable strategy.

Though, it’s not mandate that this psychological reactance would always cause people to want offerings more; we buy because we want it.

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#7 Suggesting another read

When visitors have spent enough time and done enough scrolling to get the info/read, it’s time they might leave the site. Now, you can suggest another blog post that’s popular and matches their interest.

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Speaking of further suggestions or reading, the example here speaks well how & why it works. Educating and buttering up your visitors with quality information before they leave can bring conversion opportunities.

#8 Go for free trial

There are so many tools offering a free trial of offerings or money back guarantee and taking advantage out of these, you can go ahead and try out an exit intent popup on your site. You have gotten nothing to lose and a load of conversions and new sales to gain.

These tips are worth trying and with your own experiences you might add more exit popup hacks to your list.

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