Digital marketing is a powerful business feature that has the potential to make or break your business. If you can design a sustainable digital marketing strategy, you can expect to raise awareness, generate new leads, boost customer loyalty, and drive more conversions in the long-term perspective.

But you can’t do all that single-handedly.

Top-performing marketers use all sorts of digital apps and platforms to make the content creation process faster and more effective. However, choosing the best tools for your business can be mind-boggling due to the sheer abundance of marketing features available online.

Our job is to narrow down the options for you, so keep reading to learn about eight essential digital marketing tools for the Internet marketer.

1. Google Trends


The largest search engine in the world offers you a number of native tools that can strongly support your content marketing strategy. Since the job of every marketer is to create content consistently, Google Trends becomes a quintessential tool in their arsenal. How does it work?

The platform displays frequently searched topics on a global level, but you just need to enter the targeted keywords to gain a deeper insight into your field of interest. You can also analyze search trends in any given location. Every year, Google makes the “Year in Search” report, so you are free to explore annual trends and make relevant predictions for the months to come.

2. Grammarly


You should never publish a new post on your website before proofreading as even the smallest grammar or spelling mistake can ruin your professional credibility. That’s why most marketers rely on Grammarly, the most popular editing and proofreading plugin worldwide.

All you have to do is copy/paste the text and Grammarly will check for potential errors within seconds. The plugin keeps improving, so you can test additional features and set the context preferences:

  • Storytelling
  • Formal or informal
  • Mild or strong emotions
  • Informative or entertaining

At the same time, Grammarly gives you tons of useful suggestions about wordy sentences, weak constructs, word choices, and a bunch of other details.

3. Canva


Humans are visual beings who process images much faster than plain text. In such circumstances, it is important to find a tool that can assist you in the creation of visuals such as photos, infographics, and animations.

Canva is the right solution for many marketing teams because it’s easy to use and has thousands of ready-made templates. This makes the tool perfect for both first-time users and experienced content creators. Canva covers it all: from logos and flyers to brochures and various types of imagery, you are free to choose samples and customize them so as to fit your marketing activity.

4. Hubspot


Every marketing team needs a full set of tools specifically designed to administer campaigns and coordinate it with the overall sales and customer service strategy. Hubspot is definitely one of the best solutions you can find online because it offers you a comprehensive platform that takes care of all of the details.

With it, you can automate most processes, grow leads, and obtain in-depth marketing reports. You can test the basic features for free, but we recommend you to try Hubspot Starter for $50 a month.

5. Constant Contact


Do you know that email campaigns are among the best-performing marketing channels, returning $44 for every dollar invested? With billions of email users all over the globe, you just have to use email automation tools such as Constant Contact.

The platform makes email marketing much simpler by giving you the opportunity to use one of its numerous templates. You can play with all elements of an email using the drag-and-drop feature to create a perfect message. Besides that, Constant Contact allows you to:

  • Automate campaigns from welcome messages to follow-ups
  • Trigger email series
  • Grow the number of subscribers with list-building features
  • Integrate software with almost every other tool imaginable

6. Facebook Ads


Social networks have become a core of modern marketing, but we only want to discuss one of their many segments. Facebook Ads grants you exposure to more than two billion daily active users, but the number of users is not the only thing that makes this tool so fundamental.

What we love about Facebook Ads is the platform’s capability to connect you to the right audience. You can target consumers based on three inputs:

  • Core audiences: Serve ads based on demographic features such as age, gender, location, etc.
  • Custom audiences: Show your ads to the people you already know – your buyers, fans, and subscribers.
  • Lookalike audiences: Target prospects who are similar to the existing customers.

7. Pingdom


A typical user wants a website to load in three seconds maximum. Therefore, a slow website could ruin your hard work and chase away potential visitors. Pingdom will help you to increase page load speed by analyzing the current functioning of your website and identifying the steps you need to take in order to improve performance.

8. Google Analytics


Marketing teams should not guess whether their strategy works well or not. Instead, they need to analyze content performance and make the necessary corrections. Google Analytics can help you with that because it gives an overview of all activities on your website. For instance, you can track traffic sources to learn where the audience comes from most frequently, but there are tons of incredibly useful options to check out here.


Developing a solid strategy and coordinating all marketing activities simultaneously can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. This is why clever marketers use online platforms and apps that make the process a lot simpler, automated, and more intuitive.

In this post, we discussed eight essential digital marketing tools that you as the Internet marketer could use. Make sure to test the platforms we mentioned above, but let us know in comments if you have other interesting ideas – we would be glad to check them out!

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