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From selecting a restaurant to shopping for luxury stuff, people need to know that they are on right track before they shop. When looking for the answer to that question, customers almost always want to know from other customers.

The best way to influence your prospective customers is with customer testimonials. By showcasing your existing customers, you can encourage potential customers to buy your products.

In this article, we’ll discuss 8 examples of customer testimonials that will inspire you and show the power of customer testimonial.

#1 ChowNow

ChowNow’s customer testimonial page is a simple design. The best thing about their testimonial collection is production-quality “client stories” videos. The videos feature some great shots of the clients, their offices, and their food. This style is clean and straightforward.

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#2 Marie Forleo’s B-School

A new web design that has the quote with a picture of the person to gain even more trust!

The bright, smiling photos that Marie Forleo’s B-School testimonial page has, gives different impression that the customers are happy, successful, and friendly. People just like her target clients, who are successful, hope to achieve it too from getting enrolled into its program.

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#3 Grammarly

The testimonial page of Grammarly contains a huge collection of videos, quotes by the users. All the testimonials present here comprise client names, along with their picture & places. In some reviews, you can see their more details like designation and site name.

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#4 FreeAgent

FreeAgent’s case studies page includes a brief testimonial and several other social media testimonials. Its page is composed of short quotes and clean layout that possibly urge the visitors to read.

The USP of the page is its highlighted text quotations along with pictures, and names. But what is most interesting about it is their “Twitter love” banner on the right-hand side of the page.

Branding testimonials with photographs is a great way to let your audience know that your testimonials are trustworthy.

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#5 99designs

99designs testimonial page consists of all the major features you’d need in a testimonial page: a noticeable video at the top, customer quotes along with pictures and names, and five-star rating to show how good 99designs’ service and product is compared to others.

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 #6 Codecademy

Codecademy has “Codecademy Stories” as their testimonial page. They’ve incorporated their customer quotes along with pictures, names, and locations above a link to the testimonial page.

It’s page shows that you can learn to code from any place: “Learner stories from around the world.”

When you click into any story, you can read the whole success story in a Q&A format.

Codecademy nailed down its testimonial page with a clear and well-design approach.

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#7 Xero

Xero’s website includes customer’s quotes alongside photos, videos, their names, company, for different industry type. To avoid visitors from clicking on the main testimonials page, the videos pop up on the current page when you click them.

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#8 Shopify

Shopify success stories page is different from other testimonial pages. It has one astounding new idea: There’s a noticeable call to action (CTA) that asks Shopify users to share their own stories!

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Key Takeaways

  • Use the highest-quality photos and video
  • Display a real customer face of your customer and make them look good
  • Don’t only use quotes; show some examples of your product in action
  • Ask your customers to share real numbers and the ways you helped their business
  • Give the ability to filter testimonials or case studies or success stories by industry, and location so visitors can find the stories that are most connected
  • Try social media post as a testimonial like tweets or Facebook testimonials
  • Make it easy for users to submit a testimonial
  • Use testimonials to drive conversions on your homepage
  • Don’t forget to promote it


Testimonials can be a great way to display your expertise in your field. They are important for generating sales, so don’t delay. Choose testimonial page from above designs and implement it on your website today!

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