Snapchat has started a new chapter and looks prominent to change its image.

Once a teenager social network is turning into a powerful medium of communications. Actually, Snapchat proclaims itself as a camera company.

Way back in 2011, when it was incepted, it made an impressive launch and became one of the happening news in the USA that year.

Well, here is a post about Snapchat success that includes its creative uses by brands for making their business outstanding on Social Media.

 1) McDonald’s Snaplications Initiated A New Way of Recruitment

Are you a recruiter and follow only trendy methods?

Then, you’ll really have something exciting from the dashboard of the McDonald’s.

McDonald’s used Snapchat in an innovative way that gave a new idea about recruitment methods and it has been named SNAPLICATIONS.

The SnapChat campaign was launched in Australia where a new recruitment story took place.  The brand used the SnapChat lens to imitate the employee uniform and asked applicants to send 10-second video applications including their eagerness to get the job.

What was more interesting in this, it was a huge success and encouraged global interest and this lead McDonald’s to launch the campaign Snaplications in the USA too.

What did McDonald’s see?

  • 35% boost in application submission.
  • 30% increased traffic on the careers page.

So, this was combined result of Snaplications and another marketing campaign.

Now, here is a question, how the U.S. recruiters would take this campaign and use SnapChat for application submission.

Hopefully, a new and innovative SnapChat campaign will be in front of us, very soon?

2) Casper with Its Late Night Snap Hacks Lets You Celebrate Your Social Life

Show your friends how exciting and thrilling social life you have without moving out of the home.

Isn’t it sounding great?

Well, this is truly possible with Casper’s late Night Snap Hacks.

Now, how Casper turn out to be a great player with its application.

It made a microsite that has snappable videos.

Casper has added every possible feature that would make your time rocking including “people dancing at a club or driving in the streets of NYC” and others.

You just need to “film the scene on SnapChat” and make a rocking world around you.

The new invention rightly matches the original brand image of Casper.


3) Dunkin Offers Sprinkle-Inhaling Donuts to Fans on Its National Donut Day

When it comes to offer fun visual experience to the audiences, SnapChat lenses leave a place for imagination.

This enables brands to show their inventive face and provide a medium worth sharing with the help of lenses.

The Dunkin’ Donuts’ National Donut Day lens made this writer feel good, who was its ex-employee as well.

What is National Donut Day?

It is an annual company holiday.

This hilarious lens changes your head into a huge pink donut inhaling sprinkled and you deliver a nice grin.

When Donut blends it with other activations of Dunkin also including an influencer and custom geofilters and that could be used through in-stores or through “Snap to Unlock” feature got an amazing result.

See, what happened after that-

“The company gained ten times more Snapchat followers on National Donut Day than their average monthly followers.”

It has been the highest Snapchat story for the Dunkin Donut till date.

4) Connect with Birchbox Social Media Team on Snapchat

You may have admired several video applications, but what Snapchat gives is completely different.

Here is the evidence-

“Do you think is it possible to connect with an admired social media team of a company for one hour through Snapchat?” 

As such Birchbox come up with its Snapchat video chatting and voice calling features for its fans so that fans could call them and plus Birchbox check the quality of both features.

After that one hour, Birchbox team got 30 calls along with requests to host them again.

It prompted the company to launch their weekly Snapchat video and voice calls hosting for its fans.

What did Birchbox get from this initiative?
  • A human face value of the brand.
  • The option of personalized connection with the company for the customers.
  • One-on-one expert advice given from the executives would turn customers into subscription boxes.


5) Make Your Own Snapcode Cans with Sprite

Sprite come up with an incredible and exciting opportunity for its fans in Brazil and it was “RFRSH Na Lata,” or “refresh on the can,” in which they can feature their Snapcode on the can that was sold all over the country.

They just need to register their Snapcode on a microsite.

In order to boost the awareness, Sprite joined hands with 15 Brazilian Snapchat stars to feature their Snapcodes on cans. This initiative tripled fanbases of many of the influencers in just a period of two weeks.


The initiative or campaign gathered over two million views in days and brought a huge number of millennial audiences.


6) The UK’s Department of Transport Used Snapchat for Educating Millennial Audiences about Unsafe Drug Use

Till now, you have seen brands using Snapchat for campaign programming and gathering views and audiences.

This initiative is completely different from above-mentioned examples.

The Department for Transport of UK Government is utilizing Snapchat geofilters for warning the driving dangers to a younger audience.

This initiative was taken under UK’s DoT “Think! Drug Driving Campaign.”

The Snapchat geofilters display the image of prison bars including a caption, “Drive High? The roadside swab will catch you. Think!”

Although the UK government’s decision becomes controversial it generated 13.2 million views and more than 700,000 uses in a day.

UK Govt

7) Netflix’s Immersive Experience Enables to Create A Unique Visual Experience

What is the unique happening in this series came from Netflix’s Stranger Things?

Netflix used first-ever 3D World Lens powered by Snapchat to give a virtual portal taking fans into a weird living room of Joyce Byer.

Fans had many experiences in the room and as the advert or campaign were live for one day; it prompted fans of the campaign and marketers to show to create immersive experiences on Snapchat.

8) GrubHub Snapchat GamePlay Helps Hungry Users to Get Desired Discount

GrubHub, a longtime active Snapchat user uses the platform to inspire college students with different promotion techniques.

In a recent campaign, GrubHub launched a retro game called “Food’s Here, in which fans can win discount playing the game. Users can reach the game in the Snapchat stories of GrubHub through an advert.

Now what to happen in this game-

Winner of all three levels will get an off of $10 from the first order of $15 or more when they downloaded the official app.

The ad runs for 30 days and the company is measuring factors like length of gameplay, the swipe-up rate, offer redemptions, and other factors.


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