In the ’90s and before, there were no ways to communicate with the entire world from one point. The inception of social media made it possible, and people started thinking that people across the world are not so far away, rather communicable at any point in time.

The business started taking this as an opportunity and built its social media website to enable people to meet and communicate online.

Many of these businesses were successful, and but there were few websites which couldn’t achieve success even being business giants.

This article will take you to 8 ultimate social media sites to go by the wayside since the internet incepted-

1) Google Wave & Google Buzz

Website 1

Google Buzz, a 2010-born social media website was launched to replace Google (2009). Both of the sites were developed to compete with rival Facebook.

Both platforms were made to enable users to share posts with friends privately or publicly. The sites also allow sharing them on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, and other websites.

Reason for the failure of Google Buzz was its giant privacy nightmare problem, and Wave was full of compositeness.

These reasons led to the downfall of these Google websites.

2) Friendster

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We all know that Facebook happens to be the social media site which took social media to the notice of internet users.

But, the fact is something different. Friendster is one of the social network platforms that arouse before Facebook in 2002 that dominated the Asian market.

The platform was used globally, but more than 90% of its traffic came from Asia. The social channel had more unique visitors than its competitors in Asia in 2008.

The official closure of the website was in 2018 after a three-year hiatus.

3) Google Plus

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Google Plus was another branded product in the social media world which closed its doors recently.

It was a revolutionary platform that gave a new face to the searching and also educating the internet world about the authority and entities throughout the globe.

But, again a Google product failed to nail down its rival site, Facebook.

But, the fact was that Google Plus was not a social network even. Perhaps this is why a lot of its problems arose.

And maybe that’s where a lot of its problems arose.

As sources say, the platform didn’t provide an interactive environment to the user and this led to the shutdown of the site.

4) Vine

Website 4

Vine has been one of the popular social media websites even after uprooting.

It was solely focused on video content and it was an ahead-of-its-time mobile app which set standards for how social media video could be used at its best.

Vine was acquired by Twitter before its official launch and became the most downloaded free app in the U.S. iOS App Store at its peak in 2013.

But the countdown stopped after that and it had to be closed.

5) MySpace

Website 5

The account of MySpace still exists, and it has a working URL and all company stuff. You can even sign up for a new account right away.

But everything is not the same as it used to be. The pioneer has to fall down. But, this is the MySpace that gave an edge to the digital marketing age of today.

The platform that had most visitors in the world in 2006 lost 10 million unique users in just one month in 2011.

MySpace is no more the same and it’s almost dead today.

6) iTunes Ping

Website 6

An Apple-owned social networking site, iTunes Ping was lucky enough to have more than 1 million users in 2010 at its launch.

But, 1 million users could not save it from disabling.

Launched as an in-built ingredient to iTunes in its 10 edition, the site used to connect users with artists after following them and also get updates from musical friends and artists.

The site was officially closed in 2012 and replaced with social media addition for Twitter and Facebook.

7) Meerkat

Meerkat was another video platform for social media geeks. It helped amplify live streaming to the top of all social media feeds.

The fall of Meerkat was due to the inception of Facebook and Twitter as they come with an idea on already-established – and multi-faceted – social media channels.

Twitter acquired live video app Periscope and launched it in March 2015, and Facebook comes up with Facebook Live in April 2016.

This caused Meerkat downfall.

8) FriendFeed

Website 8

FriendFeed was a 2007-born social-aggregating website.

The site was brainstormed by a group of former Google employees as it used other social networks to create its own, focusing on usefulness and relevancy on those sites then merging updates on its platform.

FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook for $15 million cash and $32.5 million in stock in 2009 and was closed in 2015.


We hear about success stories on social media, and take them as an inspiration.

But, there is business linked to social media also fall even after being a pioneer at one time.

This article enlists 8 social media websites that have to be closed for some reasons.

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