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There are tools for most of the marketing tasks and Facebook Ad research isn’t any exception.

The task has three imperative benefits; collecting new campaign ideas and escalating the existing ones, idea validation and insights to avoid mistakes & focus on efforts that work.

And, the article here will talk about 8 hacks to figure out your best-performing Facebook Ads. Get started by finding your highest rivalry, and trail on their tracks to reveal all the hidden Facebook ad secrets.

1) Spying Facebook Target Audience

Whenever you see a sponsored post on Facebook, by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner, you can uncover your competitors’ audience targeting methods and adding new ideas in your marketing stack.

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Facebook here will make you see one or more reasons for displaying the ad in your Newsfeed

As we can see here, the ad was targeted at people interested in inbound.org and aged 18 & above.

Getting your competitor’s ads to show up in your Newsfeed:

You can also get on to visit several competitors’ websites like this and see their remarketing campaigns along with notifying Facebook about topics of your interest.

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Let Facebook know which ads are useful for you.

2) Collecting ideas in AdEspresso Ads Gallery

Now it’s time to add details to your findings by groping past ad campaigns. Tool like AdEspresso has stored thousands of Facebook ad examples and you can browse them; absolutely free.

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Here, clicking on “Find Ads Now” button, you’ll get to see all the ads belonging to the advertiser or the word for which you searched. You can filter the results as per your preferences.

3) Searching for matched ads with Adicted.io

The tool is very much similar to AdEspresso, but has larger set of Facebook ad variations. If you’ll take a closer look, you’ll find extensive filtering options:

  • Filtering by the number of likes
  • Filtering by the ad audience’s reactions: #Love, #Wow, #Haha, #Sad, #Angry
  • Filtering by the number of shares
  • Filtering by the number of comments
  • Filtering by the call-to-actions
  • Filtering by the dates
  • Filtering by videos

On availing the paid Premium plan, you get advanced filtering options.

4) Analyzing competing Facebook ad landing pages

With both AdEspresso’s Ads Gallery and Adicted.io, you can click on the Facebook ad example to go to the ad’s landing page. The quest is an ultimate way to get the answers for your competitor’s strongest value offer, best landing page practices used by them, detecting offered discounts, etc.

For example: When you click on the ad by Sumo;

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You are guided to a smart landing page instead of their home page.

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5) Detecting Competitors’ Website A/B Tests

Once you have detected competing Facebook ad landing pages; it’s time to figure out whether these landing page elements are really increasing the conversions?

When you keep track of A/B test, you steal away their winning variations.

And, to help you in the task, there is the landing page spy tool Stillio that captures screenshots of your chosen website and landing pages every year, month, week, day or hour. Whenever, your competitor tests a new value proposition, headline or new design elements, you become the first to get noticed. Flexible pricing!

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It can additionally help you keep track of all the changes to a particular Facebook Page, making it convenient to see when a competitor shares a new post or whenever they choose to remove one.

6) Analyze Your Competitors’ Facebook Pages

Seeing information about your competitors’ Facebook Page performance and fans help you benchmark these against each other to detect the high-performers and know how you should compare to them.

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 The trick helps you learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of Facebook page performances.

As the post has information of its posting date; you uncover the best posting time by analyzing the ads with most likes and shares; see other brands’ tactics to better engage their audience.

It proves to be a good idea to target your competitor’s results-driven interest in your ad campaigns or add it to your content marketing strategy.

7) Looking at Facebook Audience Insights

Further than ad copy and design, there is lot more to figure out when referring to Facebook competition.  Finding a perfect audience is equally important.

Facebook has ‘Facebook Audience Insights’ a tool, designed to help advertisers take in more about their target audiences, including information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior, etc.

You can become acquainted with pages your customers like, age & gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education, job, location, languages, activities, devices used to access Facebook, income, etc.

The Audience Insights tool is accessible from the Facebook Ads Manager.

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You can see insights in view of Custom Audiences. This is to start your Facebook audience research analyzing your past buyers or website visitors.

8) Analyzing past Facebook Ad campaigns

Your own Facebook campaign history can show which ads have been resourceful before. Isn’t it really great?

As you sign into your Facebook Ads Manager account, you’ll be able to examine which images, copy and other ad elements resonate most with your Facebook audience.

If you’ve run some Facebook ad tests, ensure to double down on the winning variation.

What you can analyze?
  • Do you have a winning ad copy? Evaluate which copy has brought the most conversions at the lowest cost.
  • What’s the best ad design? Expose what your audience really likes.
  • Whom should you target? Learn which interests and demographics achieved your potential customers; which targeting options added to successful campaigns?
  • Where to show your ads? Know which Facebook ad placements have the highest ROI.

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It’s not always like that thing working for your competitors will always work for you. Therefore, take all the new insights trying to understand the why behind your competitors’ strategy. With the help of above-displayed info, ho ahead and conduct a detailed Facebook ads research to reveal new hacks.

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