A picture is worth a thousand words, so a GIF must be worth even more. Nowadays, marketers are pushing the boundaries of designs, by using GIFs to display their products and services in action.

They are now part of digital communication as they can express complex thoughts more than a picture or text can show.

Here are 8 brilliant examples of GIFs in marketing campaigns that are very creative, colorful and appealing.

The advantages of GIFs for brands

  • It is lighter and easier to use than video
  • It easily grabs attention at the message or item
  • It can take into thought a younger audience
  • It has strong ability for virality
  • It is perfect to advising, educating and explaining slightly adapted concepts in a few words or an image
  • It allows users to engage either spontaneously or through creative campaigns

1) Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola’s started “Taste the Feeling” marketing campaign. They gave their audience the opportunity to create their own GIFs. Then, they shared on Coca-Cola’s website resulting in more traffic and increased engagement driven to their website and social media accounts.

2) Kate Spade


Kate Spade’s introduced their new “Joanie” handbag collection in fun way. It shows all the color variations in form of GIF in which you can buy the bag with a bright and colorful font.

3) Wistia 

Wistia does such a great job of introducing personality and fun into everything they share on social media.

In this example, they use a fun and friendly GIF to introduce teammates and pave the way for some great networking.

4) Huffington Post


Sometimes it’s a lot easier to explain a little in an image than it would be with words. For step-by-step or even quick recipes, a GIF can be exactly what you need.

The Huffington Post explains 5 ways to wear a scarf in this cool example using GIFs.

5) Marie Claire

If you want to give your audience a closer look at your product, then GIFs can show off the kind of details and motion that can attract shoppers.

In the example- Marie Claire took advantage of the GIF format to offer viewers a look at a product- ‘Killer Gladiator Sandals’.

6) Adult Swim

Adult Swim is a television production company that makes funny cartoons for adults. This GIF expresses the company’s mocking humor and style.

7) GAP

This Gap’s GIF is a good example of using the format to show a product in action.

It’s also show how dynamic content can be created and how story can be told with in a little three images.

8) Subway

In this example, Subway is using a GIF both to promote and explain the concept and importance of ‘Eating your Veggies’ during the day celebration.

They encourage their users to stick to their favorite but add some veggie twist.

This expresses the brands awareness of an event, while just enlightening and promoting it at the same time.

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