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Now that Instagram has over 600 million users, but still many brands tend to ignore this potential platform when it comes to generating sales.

Instagram has gained much popularity and has become one of the most used platforms in just 7 years.

Visual content brings higher engagement rate, but if you are still not using it for marketing your brand, then you are missing out on a large group of audience.

It’s the time you start realizing the value of the platform and kick-start your sales by running campaigns.

Here are 7 tips for using Instagram to grow your sales.

1) Go for Active and Inviting Captions

If you want to maximize your engagement and want your followers to respond to your posts, then you need to include an effective and interactive caption in it. With the help of pictures alone you can convince your followers to buy your products, so it must to include an active and inviting caption.

You can write captions that ask questions, this is one of the best ways to engage with your target audience. Make sure that your captions aren’t too long otherwise users will just scroll by. Just be a bit creative and hook attention of your followers.

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2) Use Instagram Editing Tools

If you want to stand out among the millions of post on Instagram, then you have to create photos that grab the attention of visitors instantly. You can easily create high-quality unique images with the help of editing tools.

The platform offers an amazing range of in-app filters for enhancing the overall look of your photo. So, the pictures you’re using should be visually appealing, because lighter and brighter images generate more likes than the darker ones.

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3) Take full advantage of Videos and Stories

If you want to generate sales through Instagram, then you should leverage videos and stories on your account. Instagram stories are the best way to promote your brand and increase the reach of your products. And, now you can also see your stats and display ads on Stories.

You can showcase your products in a better way by capturing your products in motion. If you show what you are seeing through your eyes, then you can easily win out the trust of your followers and convince them for buying your products.

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4) Add Shoppable Links to your Images

If you want to improve your click-through-rate and also increase sales, then you should be using the tools that turn your normal images into shoppable ones. But, it is must to keep your website link in the bio. There exist tons of tools for creating shoppable images like Have2Have.It, Like2Buy and many more.

Like2Buy. It creates shoppbale images for your posts. Whenever a follower clicks on the link present in your account’s bio, then it will take them through a page which contains all your products. And, from there they can easily purchase the products they wish to buy.

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5) Showcase your Happy Customers

 Including a social proof always work well no matter which social media platform you are using. You can easily win out the trust of your followers by showcasing the images of your happy customers. This way your followers get to know that how well you treat your customers.

 If you feature the customers with your products you not only win the trust of other followers, but you also become the favorite brand of the person you are featuring. So, if you want to grow your sales, then you must showcase your customers.

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 6) Avoid using Hard Selling Appeal on Instagram

Instagram is a platform where you being too salesy doesn’t work, so if you want to sell your products, then you have to avoid hard selling approach in your posts. You just need to showcase your products through visuals and don’t need to yell how good the product is.

Users can make their own decisions through images without feeling pressurized with your hard selling appeal. So, you just need to be more creative with the photos, as with the help of an effective image you can grow your sales easily.

Below, we have shared and example of brand ‘My Protein’ who is indirectly asking the customers to buy its t-shirts and doing it quite well.

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7) Leverage Instagram Ambassadors

A best way to build a massive following and achieve increase sales on Instagram is by leveraging influencers. You can even create a team of ambassadors who will promote your brand to their follower for increasing your reach.

You can easily start your reach for influencers with the help of tools like Klout, Buzzsumo and many more. While looking for people when you are creating a team of ambassadors you should look for the ones who not only have large number of followers, but also high engagement rates.

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Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most used social platforms, but it can be a bit confusing at times. So, use the above mentioned tips to deal with the confusions you face while doing your brand’s Instagram Marketing.
Have a happy and productive Instagramming!

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