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Do you think your ad retargeting images are good, but not getting the expected results?

You can make images for retargeting the advert, but what more important here is to knowing the ways to use them in ads.

When you’re looking for the success of ad retargeting campaign images, there are several factors like audience segmentation, timing, budget, and of course, the ad design that play essential roles.  If your images are created with specific goals, you’ll able to increase your conversions in a calculated way.

Here are 7 ways to use Ad Retargeting Campaign Images that will help you in accomplishing your marketing and sales goals-

1) Make Geo-targeted Ads with Location-based Images

When you’re focusing on targeting local people, geo-targeted ads are the best resources to accomplish the goals.

It’s always good to come up with matching ads for specific audiences.

What does Geo-Targeting Ads do?

Geo-targeting features focus on audience segmentation and location-based targeting. Suppose, if your customers are local or you want to increase your customer base in specific locations, location-based targeting tactics help a lot.

With audience segmentation, Geo-targeting allows your ad images to deliver relevant and targeted messaging to your audience.

Save Time & Effort with Repurposing One Image for Diverse Locations

No need to create different images for different ads. Just repurpose one image with different texts. This is called dynamic text replacement and you can test different copies of the ad while stretching your images.

This is quite a useful method to run numerous similar ads targeting diverse locations, just varying the text of the image.

If your image is ready to approach all geo-targeted people, that’s very good. But, if you are targeting two entirely different segments of consumers, you need to change the image as well as the text.

Use Images of Landmarks to Engage Locals

Another way of Geo-Targeting is using landmark images to engage locals. This can help you in getting reliability among your targeted audiences.

dsim image

2) Include CTA in the Ad Image

Including a CTA in the ad image is always profitable when you’ve come with a virtue to sell aggressively. Along with adding CTA buttons in your ad, you need to specify the matter of your advertisement to your targeted consumers so that they can easily understand what this product is for and thus click on call-to-action for the final step.

When you’re adding CTA button on the image, there are certain things that contribute to the success of the image-

  1. Use red and big CTA in image asking consumers to “Click to Download”.
  2. The product image of the guide that would be received by you when clicked.
  3. The bold and contrasting color scheme, the next point in the content.

dsim image

3) Use Contrasting Color Themes to Attract Audiences

Color schemes or themes also help in getting more and more engagement. For instance, the dark and ascetically contrasting colors receive more clicks.

But, that doesn’t mean dark color solely brings better results.

For CTA buttons, there are no specific color schemes working better, but what works better is that it should stand out from the background.

The same applies to ad image. The dark color would be perfect for neutral-toned newsfeed or advertisement.

dsim image

4) Include the Value Propositions

Show value proposition of the product in the image. Like you added a CTA in your actual ad image, this time you have to put the value proposition. It would be good to show rather than telling.

If you’re trying to add this in images, they would be the perfect resource as your value will be shown directly to your consumers.

Now, how to show the value proposition?

Show your value proposition in ads numerically

For example, if you’re offering a discount, or if you want to promote a particular plan, you could tell your audience how much they’ll be saving in the ad image.

Numerically present your value proposition

Show the value proposition with numerical terms like adding the figures of discount or getting the benefit of buying the product.

Include images showing the positive results of your product or service

  • Come up with images of your product or services that turn your consumers life
  • If you’re promising anything to improve your customer’s life, you need to prove it.
  • Include ad images that contain positive results your product or service has.

The best example for this is before-and-after shots. These types of images show the value right away to the consumers and entice them to click for the details.

Images that deliver social proofing can also be used. Come up with the images in which influencers or industry leaders endorsing your products or happy moment pictures including satisfied customers, etc.

Discount SHowing Image

5) Include Images that Hit to Your Audience’s Emotions

Now, you have to figure out the emotional points of your audiences.  The marketing practice is very old but even valuable today when you’re creating social ads.

You need to explore your audience segment very keenly and widely so that you can observe their personal behavior and likes & dislikes.

Now, you’ll be showcasing your product or service to your customers, right?

Here are three valuable questions if addressed can make your ad image more useful-
  • What sort of emotions your audience will find in your product or service?
  • If they ignore your product or service, will they miss anything important?
  • If they use your product or service, how their lives will be changed?

Use images that show emotions.

But the emotional imagery isn’t just about the content of an image. The color scheme also plays a big role in how we perceive an image.

Apart from emotional content, the color scheme also plays an important role in displaying emotions to the audiences.

Color psychology says that certain colors bring out different emotional responses in people.

For instance, the “red” determines aggressiveness whereas “blue” is taken as “trustworthy” and “calming”. Black is ought to be “elegant” and powerful”.

Now, when you’re going to design ad images, try to include both factors in them.

dsim image

6) Use a Carousel Ad that Comprises Multiple Images

What could be a better advertising than carousel advertisement? With this, you can use multiple images and thus able to convince more through your product or service.

Facebook data say carrousel ads get 10 times more click than a static advert. Carousel ads are also effective in retargeting campaigns.

A carousel ad simply shows some more products similar to ones people clicked on the site.

Not only this, carousel ads also allow you showcase numerous advantages for your service at one time. With such ad tactic, you can pitch more than 1 compelling features of your ad to consumers.

dsim image

7) Change Your Ad Visuals to Provide Fresh Content

Changing ad visuals is a good marketing practice as you’ll always be providing fresh content to your audiences.

You’ll able to optimize the behavior, likes and dislikes of your targeted audiences in a more prominent way. It will also allow you apply more tactics to your audience as one visual would be more convincing for certain audience than another.


Ad retargeting campaign images are great ways to attract targeted audiences. But, when you’re applying certain tactics, you need to be assured.

Here are 7 ad retargeting campaign image tricks to achieve your marketing goals.

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