What is Online Reputation Management

Starting the New Year with new business resolutions is something that people do at the beginning of every year. It’s ok if you have never been able to complete your business-related resolutions. 2019 can be that miraculous year when you can raise your business on an exceptional level.

If you have pledged to manage your business’s online reputation this year, then you are in the right place! Let’s know more about it.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is maintaining your brand’s reputation by controlling the way people perceive your products/services. It’s related to creating a positive and strong online image of your company.

The company has to monitor the online reputation of their business constantly in order to counter the negativity and build a positive image. In other words, building, maintaining and recovering the online reputation of any brand is known as online reputation management. SEO agencies perform this task usually for various companies.

You can manage your company’s online reputation in the following ways:

#1 Monitor your Online Reputation

It’s the first step to know what customers, competitors and other people are saying about your brand on the internet. Audience opinion is very crucial in building your company’s online reputation. You need to monitor that on a regular basis on famous online platforms. It is very important that what others are thinking and saying about your brand for responding to them accurately. You can’t respond without knowing this which can affect your online reputation negatively.

Monitoring the online content of your company is not an easy task. You can take the help of tools which will make this task less time consuming such as Google Alerts, Twitter search, Social Mention, Tweet Deck and Hootsuite.

#2 Be Authentic and Reliable

Don’t be one of those companies who indulge in show-off and self-boasting on social media platforms. Your content should reflect the brand’s real face as people can easily detect fake statements. Honesty and straightforwardness is something which can strengthen your reputation among your target audience.

You can gain their trust by responding in a correct way to criticism instead of manipulatively hiding the mistakes. Transparency can create the company’s positive image.

#3 Increase your Social Media Presence

Social media is the ultimate gateway to connect with your target audience because people like to follow and hear from their favorite brands on such platforms. Social media popularity is very crucial in forming a strong online reputation. Ensure that your brand has accounts on famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Quora. If you don’t have the accounts, then create with your company’s name as a username.

You can use these platforms to channelize the company’s thoughts as well as share content related to your products/services. You should stay active on these platforms to appear on the top pages of Google search results by pushing away negative search results related to your company. You must handle these profiles very carefully as they are your brand’s online face.

#4 Publish Quality Content Regularly

You must have heard the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind”. It suits exactly on social media marketing. Publishing content on a regular basis will make people remember your brand. The more people will see your posts on their feeds, the more your online reputation will strengthen.

Sharing about your business, various products and services can help in removing the negative thoughts of your customers. You can show the good side of your brand by regularly posting quality content on social media. Interactive posts, videos, contests, etc. will help in promoting the company’s ideology and developing a strong bond between you and your target audience.

#5 Start your Blog

In today’s time, people turn to blogs whenever they need assistance on any topic. Blogs are gaining importance as people know that most information provided in them is accurate and well researched. So, it’s turning the quickest possible way to take expert advice.

Start adding blogs on your website which is related to your area of expertise. For instance, if you own an apparel company, then you can write blogs like “best outfits for a casual party” or “top 5 trending dresses of 2019”. By adding such blogs, you will surely attract your target audience. Once they visit your website for reading the blog, it will become more likable for them to browse your products. All your blogs should be interactive and amusing.

#6 Encourage Clients to Share Positive Reviews

People never forget to share negative experiences over the internet but, usually, they forget to share positive reviews and experiences. It’s your duty to encourage customers to share their good experiences as well. These positive reviews can help in creating a good image of your brand.

It’s not that people don’t want to share good reviews but, they forget about it generally. A simple request from your side can collect lots of good reviews about your company. You should request the customers when they come to your brand or ask them to share all their experiences through social media posts.

#7 Respond to Negative Reviews

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of human existence so you should not hesitate in accepting your mistakes in front of your audience. Some companies avoid replying to the negative reviews which even worsen their case in the eyes of their audience. When a person expresses something about an organization, then he waits for reply and clarification.

If your brand is at fault in some cases, then you can reply in an apologetic manner with a promise to never repeat the same thing again. Contrarily, if the accusation is false, then you can give an explanation in a humble manner to clear the misunderstanding.

So by sticking to these points, you can surely manage your company’s online reputation. You can take the help of an SEO agency if you don’t have adequate resources to handle it. So, this year astonishes the world with your brand’s success!

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