With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is widely used social media platform. It is also used as a good marketing channel.

If you want to achieve success, you must have a winning Instagram marketing strategy. This platform gives an opportunity to gain visibility and engage in discussion with customers.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 best ways to increase your sales on Instagram.

#1 Post attractive pictures

Instagram is all about images. So, it’s important to post high-quality images.

Your pictures will be interesting and creative and properly highlight your products. So, when a customer opens your profile, they must be able to know about your brand.

Make sure that every post on Instagram matches your overall branding and business strategy to give them that genuine brand touch.

Note: You can also enhance these pictures with the right tools. For that, you can use Buffer’s PabloAdobe Spark, or Canva.

Check out some of the images posted by Cadbury below.  They’re playful and displaying their overall branding.


#2 Show some product action

Even if attractive images may grab people’s attention, they may not always be sufficient to drives sales alone.

You can also showcase the experience of really using your products, as your content shows real impact.

Note: Tell a story with your content using photos and videos that show your products in action.

Put your products in motion by presenting people the ways people love and adore them, and helping them understand the details.

For example, GoPro is doing a brilliant job of displaying their product in action. All of their Instagram feeds are photos and videos taken using their camera.


#3 Spend in Instagram ads

Instagram Advertising can help you reach a new and targeted audience. It’s a useful deal, especially if your brand is new on Instagram.

You can organize your Instagram ads in a way that you reach the clients who are potential to be interested in your products.

For Example, DSIM’s ads included their Ex- trainees experience and a ‘learn more’ button that took users on their website.


Note: if you know the strategy on Instagram can be a catalyst for your business. In Instagram marketing, you couldn’t put clickable links in your post, therefore brands had to put links in their bio to direct their followers and continuously update that.

If you advertise, you can put links to your website in Instagram posts.

#4 Post user-generated content

User-generated content is another method of word-of-mouth advertising. Your existing followers help create content that displays your product.  This helps you to promote your products to the new followers.

You have to encourage your customers to share your products. For this, you will need to offer a reward or incentive, like a chance to win freebies or gift cards if they post product photos or hashtags.

For Example, The Melt often reposts photos taken by their fans. They always properly credit the user in the photo and add funny captions.


#5 Use hashtags

To attract and boost sales, you can use relevant hashtags to your products or services.

When you are using the right set of hashtags, it becomes easier for your target customers to find you. This will increase brand awareness.

It’s not at all easy to come up with the right set of effective hashtags; you need to invest your time and energies into broad research.

Note: Ensure you use a composed mixture of unique and common hashtags on your Instagram posts. You can experiment with different combinations to see the best results.

For Example, Lacroix, the water brand has used a mix of various hashtags and achieved more than 1.6K likes.


#6 Don’t post overly sales posts

Instagram is not a channel used for selling and buying. So you should keep in mind that don’t post too pushy and salesy content.

If you want to use Instagram to sell your products, you have to do it in an innovative manner. This means you need to offer viewers valuable, engaging content.

Note: For this, you can use pictures inspired by everyday situations and customers using your products. You can also post photos and videos with tips or tricks or methods with your products.

For Example, My Protein is a fitness brand and they are not too salesy but simultaneously, they encourage clients to make a purchase because they post everyday situational pictures.


#7 Run Contests or Giveaways

Contests or discounts are one of the most effective ways to increase your sales on Instagram. It’s a cost-effective technique to promote your products and increase sales. They can help build your followers, brand acknowledgment and engagement.

Note: You can use a tool like Iconosquare and Wishpond for content ideas and easy content management.

It can also increase the brand awareness as customers share news about the offer with their friends. Hence, your engagement rate increases. Once your followers engage with your contest, you can appreciate them and offer them a discount.

For Example, Passionplanner is your personal organizer offered huge discounts and giveaways.


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