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There are more than 3 million advertisers on Facebook, with increasing 90% of social media marketers using the advertising platform to boost their brand, generate leads and blow into business growth.

And it’s no wonder… Facebook offers the most refined advertising opportunity we’ve ever seen.

With emotional content in advertising campaigns is a technique that is used by marketers to increase the response rates.

By spicing up your Facebook campaigns with a touch of emotion and a drop of thrill, you can pull your Facebook audience, making them click and purchase.

This post will show you how to apply emotional marketing to Facebook ads:

#1 Make People Smile

Positive posts were shared frequently than negative ones. People love positive posts. They also want their friends and loved ones to feel lifted and positive too.

Create Facebook ads that will promote cheerful feelings and enjoy increased clicks, likes and shares as a result. Positive ads get more likes and clicks.

How you can use it:

Here are three main tactics to achieve happy Facebook ads:

  1. Use bright and happy colors ad design
  2. Include happy images with smiling faces
  3. Use positive and inspiring words

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#2 Master in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

No one likes to miss out on all the fun, specifically millennials. A study shows that 69% millennials experience FOMO when they are not able to attend an event where their groups are going.

How you can use it:

You can induce the FOMO in your Facebook ads by:

  • Creating limited time offers to motivate people to sign up in a hurry
  • Show the number of people already benefitting from your product
  • Allure people by giving them a sight into what your community already enjoys
  • Pose a question, suggesting that the person’s missing out on a great opportunity

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#3 Show the Readiness

Readiness is known for its knack to increase impulsivity and make people prompted to act.

So, if you’ll manage to get a person thrilled in your Facebook ad offer, they’re a lot more expected make the purchase based on the drive.

It is important to keep your ad’s landing page as authentic and exciting as humanly possible and lead the visitor to sign up.

How you can use it:
  • Add exclamation marks and keep your ad copy short
  • Use bright colors in the ad design
  • Embrace an ad image that shows interest
  • Display your product at the most thrilling moment of its lifecycle
  • Make sure that your offer is actually fascinating to the target audience
  • Include a discount offer to give the final push and make the ad appealing

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#4 Build a Curiosity Gap

The curiosity gap makes noble and buzzfeed headlines so alluring. This gap is the inconsistency between what we currently know and what we’d like to know.

And it works surprises if your goal is to get people clicking.

The reason why this works is that people have a natural trend to connect the points and discover the answers.

It will be hard for them to resist reading and clicking on your Facebook ad after it has asked a fascinating question.

How you can use it:

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#5 Offer Hope

We buy new things to improve our lives. Because we all hope that we’re going to be attractive, cleverer and hilarious.

For example, Asana’s Facebook ad promises many ample developments in teamwork, making a project manager wish their team could thrive even more.

How you can use it:
  • Create a Facebook ad sparking hope
  • Provide a solution to reach the better future
  • Use emotion of hope, aspiring language and brilliant copywriting
  • Talk about target audience

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#6 Create a Sense of Urgency

When you give people too much time to make a choice, they’re going to delay the decision and will probably fail to recall about it.

However, when existing with a limited time offer, people get anxious about missing out on the awesome offer.

Telling inadequacy and urgency on a website helped an entrepreneur increase sales by 332%

How you can use it:
  • Define clear dates, e.g. ‘Today only’, ‘4-days offer’, ‘Offer ends in 20th
  • Offer a great discount, e.g. ‘Get 40% off today’
  • Place your best offer in the ad’s headline or the image
  • Keep your offer simple and short
  • Match the ad’s offer on the landing page

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#7 Surprise Your Audience

Customers use emotions instead of information to value a brand. If you’re looking for a strong emotion that will instantly catch your audience’s attention, create an offer that’ll surprise them.

How you can use it:
  • Conduct an original survey and share interesting stats
  • Apply the surprise-and-delight approach
  • Nice surprises make people feel special and important

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Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for any business or industry to really boost their audience and traffic interaction and interest.

Use these above-mentioned ways to make your Facebook ads stand out from the crowd, craft them to maximize conversion, and make them unforgettable to your customers.

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