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Video marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies today. It has become increasingly popular with many small businesses all over the world.

Video marketing Statistics shows that 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online every day. And, 90% of all Internet traffic will be video.

Therefore, video marketing offers entrepreneurs a great opportunity to reach their target audience.

When done properly, video marketing can help create brand awareness, build relationships with the audience, generate qualified leads and increase profits. If goes in the wrong way will produce very little Return on Investment (ROI) and could be very harmful for your brand reputation.

In this article, there are 7 video marketing mistakes that you must avoid at all costs to make your advertising video more successful.

Mistake#1: Choosing the wrong video partner

Choosing a video partner that lacks the resources, knowledge, and industry experience needed to deliver a premier quality video is the # 1 mistake that companies make in video marketing.

Your audiences and potential clients are going to be critical and disapproving by the quality of your video (bad video = bad business). This can directly shake not only your brand name but also your success.

How to avoid it?

First, ask yourself: Do I have the time, resources, and skill necessary to try producing a video myself?  If I choose to partner with a video production company, do they have proficiency in my industry to deliver a great product that best suits my particular needs?

You have one chance to impress a potential audience, make it count!

Mistake#2: Forgetting good Title and SEO

Producing a video without using proper SEO techniques is the biggest mistake of video marketing. Content is king and SEO increases the amount of quality traffic to your website, by improving your ranking in search engines. Interesting titles and effective tagging are essential in maximizing your SEO and connecting your views.

How to avoid it?

Use correct title or your video with keywords related to the content, take the time to properly fill out your video description and add keyword tags with industry and brand terms.

Mistake #3: Failing to Optimize Your Videos

Most entrepreneurs tend to give up on video way too early. If they even manage to get their video live, they fail to correctly optimize and share that video for maximum reach and impact.

How to avoid it?

Clearly, YouTube is one important part, and you need to optimize your video for the best chance at success. Take benefit of YouTube’s easy, one-click sharing options and post your video to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Email and tweet the link to your video.

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Mistake#4: Creating the incorrect video for yourself

Some entrepreneurs miss the mark with video because they’re making wrong videos. In other words, there are certain video styles that are best suited for certain characters. If you’re doing the wrong kind of video for your “video persona,” then you’re just banging your head against a wall!

How to avoid it?

Find the right style of video for your personality and your probabilities for video success skyrocket.

Mistake#5: Expecting immediate results

Most marketing campaigns take time to gain momentum and produce a return. “Viral video” success is hardly due to random luck. Typically, the brand or individual behind the campaign has a strategy for distributing and spreading their video. And, results come as visitors to your website watch, share, and return to see your new, interesting videos.

How to avoid it?

Video marketing is an ongoing effort that will yield results over time. Instant video marketing successes barely happen, and when they do they are most likely the result of planning, strategizing, and a bit of luck, not to mention they are often very short-lived and lack continued long life.

Instead of believing in luck, realize that creating great promotional content for your business is tough.

Mistake#6: Incorrect placement of selling points

The wrong post of selling points is another mistake in video marketing. Creating a video with the selling points at the end results in a majority of your viewers missing your key selling points.

If your video is too long then your audience are not likely to watch your complete video. Therefore, you need to make sure your benefits and call to action are linked in the starting of the video, if possible in the first 10-20 seconds.

How to avoid it?

Take an editorial style when organizing the content of your video. Place the interesting information at the starting, and then follow with supporting details.

Mistake#7: Failing to accurately track performance

Many companies fail when they try to make a commercial video as a part of their marketing plan because they don’t measure to progressively measure the success of their efforts.

Basically, you can get information on who is watching your video content, how much of it, they’re watching, and how you’re business is being affected by these views. That kind of data is too valuable to ignore.

How to avoid it?

Nowadays, there are too many tools and campaigns available to keep an eye on the performance of your commercial video productions. You can determine your success and find new contacts and leads in viewers, and get an idea of views by month and also by the amount of content being watched.

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Video marketing can be a prevailing strategy when used right. If your goal is to educate, don’t be afraid to dig deeper into the subject. Also, make sure that your video is personalized to your audience and drive.

And, keeping these simple and straightforward tips on your mind will help you go a long way with your video marketing efforts.

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