Facebook is a platform that keeps changing, and thus many times it becomes difficult for busy marketers to keep up with each and every small change.

There are less prevalent Facebook features but equally capable of a tool like lookalike audiences, but able to make a world of difference for the right campaign.

Here are those features of Facebook ads which every marketer should know-

Facebook Ad Features

1. Campaign Budget Optimization

The November 2017 Facebook ad feature allows marketers to balance their ad spend throughout ad sets.

Advertisers when set one central campaign budget throughout numerous ad sets, Facebook can automatically distribute the budget to those ad sets performing at their best.

Advertisers can use this option while creating a new campaign and is applicable to daily or lifetime budgets.

FB 1

2. Ad Scheduling

Many marketers consider restricting their budget by only running ads at certain times of the day.

As of now, Facebook only allows advertisers to use ad scheduling option while using a lifetime budget.

After setting your lifetime budget, and while creating a new campaign, the advertiser will see the option to run ads all the time or run ads on a schedule.

FB 2

The remaining options for ad scheduling should be set within each ad set.

FB 3


Now, you can complete your ad scheduling by clicking on the times you have to serve ads.

Fb 4

3. Location Targeting

Location targeting is the option of a set at the ad set level and has numerous additional options.

Once your location targeting is set, you can choose radius targeting or target the city only.

FB 5

FB 6

You can choose the following 4 additional settings for location targeting-

Everyone in This Location

This option includes people whose location was recently this location/s.

People Who Live in This Location

This option includes people who have listed their homes as this location or around this location. It helps in selecting home-related or anywhere when your target is homeowners only.

People Recently in This Location

This option includes people who were recently on Facebook in this location.

People Recently Traveling in This Location

This is for people who have recently used Facebook in this location, but whose home is listed as more than 125 miles away.

This option includes people who were recently on Facebook in this location, but their home is listed as more than 125 miles away.

4. Connections

If you own an app, use Events or want to reach your Facebook connections, this can be a vital feature for the occasion.

FB 7

With this option, you can target people liking your page, friends of your connection who like your page.

This option can also help in targeting people who used your app, friends of people who used your app or keep out people who used your app.

Advertisers can make different combinations of these options as well.

FB 8

5. Frequency Cap

Frequency Cap helps advertisers limit their ads’ exposure on Facebook in Reach or Brand Awareness campaigns.

Budget & Schedule section of ad set targeting gets a Show Advanced Options button for you. After clicking this, you’ll find the frequency cap options.

The default setting for this option is 1 impression every 7 days, but this window can be made longer or shorter.

FB 9

To check your Frequency on current ads, edit your Account Overview columns to add Frequency.

FB 10

Since this is an estimated metric, this option will let you know whether your ads are appearing too often, which can directly impact conversion rates.

6. Block Lists & Publisher Lists

In 2018, Facebook brought its Publisher List of thousands of URLs for the appearance of your ads across Audience Network, in-stream videos, and banner/interstitial ads. Facebook recommends reviewing this list every 30 days for updates.

Once you have reviewed your ads and found URLs you don’t want your ads to appear on, you can mention them on your Block List.

You can go through your Block List, the Publisher List and Publisher Delivery reports in the Brand Safety section of the navigation menu.

FB 11

FB 12

Check the Publisher Delivery report to view a summary of each ad type, where it appeared, and the number of impressions received by that placement.

FB 13

Since the data includes a summary of the last 30 days, so you need to review on a monthly basis.

Fb 14

Once you have picked URLs and pages you want to exclude, save the rest URL column in your file. You can delete headers and the impressions column.

Go to the Block List page and choose the green “Create a Block List” button. (Shown above)

FB 15

Ensure your list is saved as a .txt or .csv file. Upload it and click on “create Blocklist” to make it a final one.

You can take various actions like remove, replace, download or delete block list using the three-dot button present beside each block list.

The list can be applied to multiple accounts if needed.

7. Automated Rules

Automated rules offer options like activate, pause, and manage campaigns.

You can start with ‘Automated Rules’ under the option ‘Advertise’ in the navigation menu.



After that, click the green ‘Create Rule’ button in the top right corner.



At the time of publication, you can only apply action to all active or paused campaigns (Ad sets).


In the action section, you can choose to pause, activate, send notification only, adjust the budget or adjust manual bid.


If you choose ‘Turn on ad sets’ in the action field, you’ll see the ‘apply rule to’ field will change to all paused ad sets.


There are endless combinations of automated rules can be created.

Additional options are also available in automated rules such as- update your CPA, and other cost goals, action frequency- monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, opt to get an email notification, bids can be adjusted and other options.


Facebook is an active platform that keeps updating its ads features for letting advertisers use their campaigns effectively.

Here is a list of 7 useful Facebook Ad features that every marketer should know.

Hope this article is useful for you!

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