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Are you generating website traffic with your Twitter handle? If not, then it’s time you reconsider your Twitter bio. Having a strong Twitter presence is must and for that your profile should consist of an attractive and appealing bio.

When people land on your site the first thing they look upon is your bio section and at times it is even showed up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), so it should speak volume about your brand.

You do not need to spend a lot of time in crafting it; you just need to put in some extra efforts by following these tips to create your 164 characters bio to work in your brand’s interest.

1) Have a Compelling Call-to-action

Having the followers for just the sake of having it is pointless. Just increasing your number Twitter followers should never be your end goal. If you want your followers to convert into your loyal customers, then you must have a compelling call-to-action in your bio.

Just by having a short and quick description that why people should click on the link present in your bio you can divert your Twitter traffic into your website traffic. So, your chances of success are improved if you include a relevant CTA in your bio.

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2) Make it Exciting

The most important thing about your bio is that it should be exciting and appealing. If you are able to provoke curiosity in your followers with your bio, then you are likely to get more followers. And, putting a little humor in your bio never hurts your brand.

You should always make your bio exciting and descriptive to tell people about your brand and who you are and what you do.

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3) Include your other Brand Handles

If your company has other brand handles and you want your followers to know about it, then you must shout out your other brand handles in your bio. The best part about the bio section is that if you include your Twitter handles in it, then they are clickable.

So, if you want to direct your users to your other brand handles, then you must include them in your bio like if you include @xyz, then they will be able to get to your other accounts.

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4) Promote your Branded Hashtag

If you want to get more followers on Twitter, then you should promote your branded hashtag. When your brand is mentioned using a hashtag, then it is referred to as a branded hashtag.

More number of people gets to know about your brand and your followers increase when you promote your brand’s hashtag.

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5) Use Important and Relevant Keywords

When people are searching about your brand and you want them to find your brand’s Twitter handle, then you must use the keywords related to your industry in your bio. Your chances of showing up in the search result of Twitter are improved, if you use important and relevant keywords in your bio.

You need to make sure that your keywords should be relevant, but it should not be forced. If you include your keywords that explain what your business is all about in your bio, then your brand presence become stronger on the platform.

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6) Include Social Proof

All the brands should leverage social proof on their Twitter profile bio to boast your followers about your accomplishments and awards. If you include social proof, then it always work in the interest of your brand.

You can include your award, successes, books you have written, accomplishments you’ve made in your Twitter bio as social proof in your bio to make it more effective.

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7) A Little Self Promotion Never Hurts

The main purpose of creating Twitter profile is to attract customers towards your business. So, you can even do self-promotion through your bio, but you should promote your brand in a way that it sounds genuine to your customers.

Self-promotion isn’t a completely negative thing, if you do it right.

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So, you can start testing your bio anytime by changing it and using a different copy to know what’s effective for your brand or not. Implement the above mentioned 7 tips to make your Twitter bio more appealing and get to your followers.

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