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Often we use hashtags in our social media campaigns.

The question is why?

Because, ‘Hashtags’ make it easier for visitors to find and chase discussions about brands, events and promotions. They moreover let brands track the performance of promotions across social platforms.

Today we’ll talk of how to find hashtags that echo best with your Instagram target audience?

The proper tools can help you launch, track and evaluate hashtags and so, here we have listed seven best of the tools that make it simple to track & appraise the performance of your Instagram hashtags.

Let’s get started.

1) Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a full-funnel social analytics tool, distinguishing the content that activates your target audience. It concentrates on analytics, reporting, and listening. The Instagram hashtag report gives detailed stats on your campaign hashtags. You can access the report in the Reporting section.

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Its hashtag report has three sections: Chart, Scorecard and Appendix. The info here is presented in a way that makes it easy to record the metrics for numerous hashtags and aids you compare performance. You can see post-level statistics for hashtag you’re analyzing and also find links to the posts themselves.


Varies based upon the needs

2) Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a notable social media management tool that gives vigorous reporting for Instagram. The Instagram report contains a simple but detailed hashtag analysis. It measures the hashtags you use commonly and the hashtags that collect the most engagement.

This report helps you keep tabs on your progress when you experiment with new hashtags on Instagram.

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You can also:
  • Manage multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Plan & Post efficiently with scheduling tools
  • Collaborate & manage
  • Boost engagement with Instagram monitoring
  • Measure performance with Instagram reports

Free 30-day trial/Paid

3) Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool for agencies, marketers, journalists, and executives. It works in tracking keywords and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. It tracks hashtag usage stats at the account level and real-time branded/campaign usage. It helps you unlock several other real-time metrics to guide your Social Media campaigns.

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Its real-time hashtag tracker measures the following:
  • Number of posts
  • Number of users
  • Reach
  • Impressions

Free 3-day trial/Paid

4) Command Analytics & Stats for Instagram

Command is an advanced Instagram analytics and tracking tool that will help you streamline your account and track & measure your growth. It’s an iOS app only and the premium version offers hashtag analytics.

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In the Post Stats section of the app, you’ll find which hashtags deliver the most engagement for you. You can likewise see the average number of likes and comments you get using various hashtags. It will track every hashtag you’ve used with your Instagram posts. You can see the average number of likes and comments for singular l hashtags.

5) Tagboard

Tagboard is an incredible tool for showing all the content using a specific hashtag across all social media platforms.

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To use Tagboard, type in the hashtag that you’re keen on and it will demonstrate to you the latest/top posts across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vine and Flickr. You can then filter it to show you only posts from Instagram, or whatever channel you’re interested for.



6) Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the popular Instagram management systems. It helps you schedule posts, get detailed analytics, track comments, and reply to comments within the application.

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The app can calculate engagement for hashtags you use in your posts and evaluate the development of branded or campaign hashtags.


14-day free trial/$4.90 — $49.90 USD per month for each Instagram account

7) Websta

In Websta you are able to search by a particular hashtag. You’ll then observe the top accounts and hashtags related to the searched hashtag. It also gives you insight into how popular a hashtag is as it lists the number of posts that use that hashtag.Websta has some additional features that enable you to locate the most prevalent hashtags and accounts.

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While hashtags don’t swap good creative, they’re an important part of your entire Instagram strategy. Knowing how to use them successfully is every social media marketer’s job. These seven tools give you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Instagram hashtags usability and help you improve performance wherever needed.



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