Internet has revolutionized our world and has made us to think globally. It has opened a new horizon for us and we are coming up with more and better ideas for online business. Survey estimation forecast that soon by 2015 America will be selling retail goods online nearly of $270 billion. This is not just happening in America but globally. Buyers are finding it easier to shop online, which is opening the doors for new online web stores and inviting them to come into picture.

In every country the awareness of digital marketing is growing and entrepreneurs coming up with e-commerce websites, matching buyers need and catching buyer’s attentions. Tony Cohen, the head of entrepreneurial business at Deloitte, says “Preparation and research is the key.”

Indeed, before you start it is always advisable to research and find out about the demand for your idea of business. William Berry, a self-made internet millionaire, says “it’s all about finding a niche,”

It is advisable to make notes on certain things before rolling the wheels in new line of business, as:

Market Research

The global market is full of products. But you should look at the market first before picking up a product. Try to see the consumers’ behavior that will give you a way to understand who your buyers are and what they are looking for? There are many online forums –watch them- see what customers are asking and what reply they are getting? Google can also help you, so get its help. Keyword research is one of the best ways to understand the consumers’ matrix. Look at your competitors and learn from them and try to do better.

Offering value before pitching for sales

Selling is an art. It requires a lot of efforts. First & the foremost make your headlines catchy. Talk about the best features and its utilities. Make them feel it is useful. Let them know what your buyers say about the product. If possible run some offers. Always try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes before selling them anything. Allow your buyers first to be happier then ask for the sale.

The Website



Make your website. Always remember your website is your real shop. Keep it simple, user-friendly, use simple fonts with white background, use opt-in forms, use graphics, audio or video if required and lastly make your navigation clear and simple.

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Taking Google’s help



Try to make most out of what Google search engine hold for you, to drive targeted buyers to your page. Do SEO. For your new website Pay-per-click advertising can do wonders. This will not only drive customers to your website immediately but you will also know the highest-converting keywords. These keywords will help you to rank organically in search engine.

Leveraging Social Media

In this informative world nearly everyone is using social media sites, create your presence there and give information about yourself and your product for free. Try to be available on forums that match your niche. Try to link your websites with other reliable sites. Very soon your ranking will go up.

Email Marketing


62 As I said earlier, you collect data in your opt-in list; it is time to contact your buyers through bulk emailing. This will develop a long lasting relationship with them. As you know it is always cheaper and effective and you can measure their response. It is always advisable to follow up your customers.

Surveys reveal that nearly 36% buyers are most likely to buy again from you if you follow up with them. It is advisable to use back-end selling and up selling to make them buy again. Offer products that complement their original purchase. Send out electronic loyalty coupons they can redeem on their next visit. Offer related products on your “Thank You” page after they purchase.

Trust me, whatever is your product and wherever your buyers but your relationship with them matters. Try to build a good, honest relationship and your business will go smooth for long and your inventories will rush out of your shelves soon.

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