In this online world if you are looking for a way to attract traffic to your business then there is nothing better than social media platforms and especially Instagram.

You can easily attract a large number of people to your business if you properly utilize the potential of this platform. You can even find Android or iOS mockup tools easily that would help you in maximizing the benefit of social media platforms for your business.

However, if you don’t have the right tips and tricks up your sleeves then, there are chances are you might fail. But there is no need to worry as we bring to you the best and the most simple 7 tips to get traffic from Instagram. Just check them out.

1) Adding Links

The most effective and the easiest way to get traffic from Instagram is through adding links to your website in your posts, profiles, stories, etc. Also, don’t forget to add the link to your website in your bio. It is as simple as it can get and even easy to update whenever you want.

Linking your Instagram profile to your business or to your company’s website is also a great way of advertising yourself on this social media platform. Also, it is recommended to add a call to action in your posts to compile your viewers to check out your website. CTA (Call to Action) needs to be added in a way that looks natural and authentic.


For instance, you can add a CTA in a post that introduces a new product something like click the link in the description to get an exclusive discount.

2) Undertake Campaigns

Social Media platforms are a great place to undertake campaigns especially Instagram. Instagram even has features that are useful and can help you to reach out to your desired audience.

Instagram allows you to advertise in the form of posts, stories or feeds, and of course live videos, etc. Features like these are really great, useful and extremely helpful in making your campaign successful.

Well, when you undertake a campaign it is highly recommended to undertake these campaigns in a series, to get the best result possible. Also once a campaign is started its always better to let it run for some time.


Don’t be hasty and remove it if it’s not producing desired results. It might take some time, however, for that the campaign must be kept running for a while.

If you are worried about the cost then start with a smaller amount say 5 dollars per day or something close. You can even pause to advertise your product, as there is no minimum add spent on Instagram.

Keep in mind all these small things about campaigns must be decided before you undertake the campaign, so, proper planning is crucial in this case.

3) Tag Products

Like we said before Instagram allows you to add links to your posts, which means that it is a great place to introduce your product. Some small scale business uses Instagram as their only marketing place, that is they do everything on this platform from advertisement to introducing new products, services, etc.


Well if they can then why don’t you? Well then, if you have not yet started tagging your products in your posts then we would highly recommend you to do so in almost every post you make on your official page. This is a simple and standard marketing practice done by every social media marketer.

4) Swipe Option On Instagram

Well, not every organic post can be linked to your official website. However, after proper verification from Instagram, you can add linked stories. Although we are pretty sure you might have already come across one of these stories and posts saying swipe up or down to watch the full video or to know more, etc.


These video posts are really useful as for one you don’t have to divide your content into different posts and the other they are a great way to seeking the attention of your audience. If someone checks out the full post then are good chances they are going to pay a visit to your website at least once.

5) Content

When you are marketing online “Your content is the King” and it is your responsibility to keep your content clean and as attractive as much as possible.


6) Captions

Considers them as the introduction to your posts and if these are not catchy enough then chances are that most people won’t even pay attention to your posts. So make sure to pay attention to your captions while posting.


7) Influencer Marketing

There are people on Instagram who influence a large number of people and these people are a great way for you to advertise through. So make a list of influencers whom you think can benefit your product or your company.


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