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Facebook videos work as one of the best marketing tools to support your business.

Over 8 billion of videos are watched and you gain speedy access to a large audience.

There is massive potential for brands to leverage their video content on Facebook, yet confirming those videos get seen can be difficult.

In this article, you’ll learn 7 tips for your Facebook video marketing success.

#1 First 3 seconds calculation

Facebook video auto-play feature attracts visitor’s attention and induces them to watch the full video.

Your Facebook video must have a powerful first few seconds that attract your audience.

According to Facebook, 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video will watch for at least 10 seconds, and 45% will watch for 30 seconds.

Ensure that your video catch’s audience attention in the first 3 second and they watch your full video; keep your video short and simple.

#2 Text is super important

According to report, 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, text is most important to success of your Facebook videos. It indicates that audiences don’t need sound to understand what you are conveying.

When sound is off, beautiful visualizations and on-screen texts can help tell your story.

Ensure your audience gets the most out of your video by adding some sort of text to your video from the start. You can use, general captions, or text that brands your message reasonably.

#3 Focus on storytelling

Video length is less important than telling a consistent and brief story.

The whole world loves a good story. That’s especially true when it comes to advertising.

Storytelling is the connection you use to connect your ideas, products, and services with the feelings of your audience.

Make sure you create a story from the first frame to the last that keeps your audience interested along the way.

#4 Create a Playlist

You can add multiple playlist in your video tab, so you can control people’s experience directing through your videos.

Hindustan Times use playlists to feature different shows in categories such as ‘Live’, Tried and Tested’, or ‘Viral’.


#5 Use Call-to-actions (CTA)

Facebook videos will lead to more conversions when they add a call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

These buttons lets you attract attention to a video on your website from Facebook cover page image as well as in the end of the video.

The CTA will tell people what to do, such as ‘Learn more’, ‘download’ or ‘replay videos’.


Here’s a call to action button at the end of the video for Facebook. It redirects to the official website.

This works as a website traffic-driver. You can add “Watch Video” CTA button in the cover page.


Traffika cover photo illustrates the promotion and the Call-to-Action button takes viewers to the video on their website.

#6 Write Facebook-specific copies

If you are posting your video on multiple social media platforms, then, the best practice is to alter your copy for each social media platform as what works best on each platform varies.

Here are five ideas for creating engaging copy for Facebook:
  • Experiment with post length
  • Ask a question
  • Add a quote from your content
  • Add an emojis
  • Use a list

#7 Focus on one important point

If you create a super shareable video, focus on one easy-to-understand key point.

If your video is focused and simple, viewers would be more expected to share it because it is easy for them to enlighten what’s great about the video when sharing it.

There are 5 key purposes why people share videos:
  • To be social
  • To show off, or humble-brag
  • To express how they are feeling about a specific topic
  • To prove they were the first ones to find something
  • To make friends and colleagues laugh


Brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than YouTube as these getting more engagement on, because of visual power.

You can use the above-mentioned strategies to make sure that you get conversions from that engagement.

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