You need the data but how to get the data is the agenda. You have created a nice landing page for the visitors to exchange their information for the offer that’s there. Some basic questions come to your mind such what all questions should you ask what length of the form is to be maintained and so on.

Here we have a few guidelines that will sort your issue out and help you create a relevant and result oriented landing form.

Avoid Page Friction

Landing page 1 With limited time to grab a visitor’s attention, you really need to be very specific with the content on your landing page. Avoid page friction as in the presence of any such element on your landing page that might lead to any kind of confusion, distraction or stress for your guests as it can make them to leave your page. It is better to plan the content on your landing page well than to get your form abandoned by the visitors. Some of the examples of such elements that lead to page friction include discordant colors, too much text, off-putting website navigation menus and too many fields on the landing page forms.

The main idea behind the landing page is to drive leads so you have to work around the forms however you can still reduce the form length and add elements that would not lead to page friction to boost conversions. Here you actually need to maintain the balance as you need to get the entire relevant information in one of the most precise way.

Follow the forms best practices

Landing page 2 While creating the landing page you can of course go ahead and follow the trends and pattern of the most successful ones or say the best practices. However since every business is different letting your ideal form length to somewhat diverge from these best practices. There are no any rules as such however you can work according to the guidelines based on how people generally behave online.

Besides, your goals! Yes depending on your goals the number of fields in your from might vary. Sometimes, in order to generate high quality leads marketers intentionally make the lengthier form to weed out the prospects who aren’t that interested in the product that you are offering. However, as far as augmenting your overall lead volume is concerned you should make shorter forms that cause less friction.

Make sure to ask all relevant questions

Landing page 3 While piling up the number of information you want from the customer you must recall the main intention behind doing so i.e. you want some real potential leads out of the people visiting your web page. Main idea behind collecting customers’ data through landing page is to inform your sales team about the information they need in order to nurture the leads and finally convert them into sales. The information that you have gathered through the landing page helps you personalize your content for some better results. For instance, on DSIM’s standard lead-capture form, we need 7 pieces of information.

1. Name
2. Email
3. Phone
4. Occupation
5. Company
6. Designation
7. City

Beyond generic information, you can also include non-mandatory open comments field giving prospects the option to mention their query in particular, which is really helpful in making future sales conversations.


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Decide forms length according to the offers relevancy

Landing page 4 The information that the visitors are willing to provide you to redeem your offer depends on the quality of the offer and also on how motivated the guest is to get that information. It implies that the less valuable people will find your content to be the lesser number of information they will be eager to fill. Ideally speaking the lesser number of questions you ask helps in lesser friction and better conversion. Longer forms lead people to avoid them except for the reason that your offer is quite compelling and they are more than happy to fill that form up to redeem your offer.

Consult your marketing and sales team

Landing page 5 Talk to your marketing and sales lead before you are going to create the landing page as they are the people who generally use the information that you have gathered through the landing page in order to nurture the leads and convert them into sales. They can give you a better idea as to what should you and what should you not ask on the landing pages. Hence, don’t forget to check with the marketing and the sales team as to what should you add or remove on your landing page form.

Make use of Smart Forms

Landing page 6 Smart Forms, for instance, is feature on your landing pages that maintains information of the visitors who are already in your contacts database. If somebody has filled up your form in past the smart forms automatically fill up information into the fields they have filled out in past making it quite easier for visitors to put the information and get the offer redeemed. Hence, you should always use smart forms to make it more users friendly.

Experiment with your landing pages & Test it

Landing page 7 Like it does in any other section of online marketing testing landing pages to know which one is giving the best results is a great idea. You need to experiment with different landing page forms and test which pattern is giving the best result to try that out in various other offers.

Different people have different perceptions about what to ask in your landing pages but for you don’t get bothered by it. Simply follow what are aforesaid. It will make your task easier and result oriented. However, in order to optimize landing page conversions don’t forget to test the landing pages as it is ultimately you who is going to carry out the campaigns so will know the results that each of your landing page gives on a real time basis.

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