Why do you need YouTube videos to promote your brand or business?

Why YouTube is popular for brand building purposes?


“It has more than 1 billion video hours watches every single day”

It has an incredible volume and an incredible reason as well to satisfy all promotion requirements.

Now, you got the volume, but how will you earn it for yourself?

You just need to know what to post and how to post on the YouTube?

Here are 7 YouTube video tactics for your brand building purposes, let’s take a look and begin strategizing starting today.

1) Show content usable for audience

When you are trying to promote your brand on YouTube, make sure you are providing content usable for your audience, not for yourself.

This will help your targeted audiences in preferring your brand against your competitors as your offer is customized.

There are several examples where brands have used YouTube for out of the box promotion and gathered millions of reviews and likes.

For instance-

UOB found that YouTube videos are amazing showcasing the brand values. The ad was made with a purpose to show human value instead of commercial value.

Show off human value before your commercial one.

2) Go with videos for product announcements

Years ago, brands used to promote their products with the help of commercial and infomercials that is an offline way. But, nowadays videos are ought more proficient tools for the same.

Adidas took YouTube as a perfect channel for its sneakerheads shoes promotion causing curiosity for the users where different sports stars sitting around a table discussing several things about the sports and advert flashing their shoes time to time.

The product has been announced and displayed but indirectly.

3) Analyze your product demonstration

Do you ever wonder if your customers are getting the full value out of your products?

Have you assessed your product promotion video?

Is it giving the valued information to the users?

You need to do analysis in order to get what kind of information is being shared with your audiences.

This is because whenever your targeted user search for the same, the video will pop up and fulfill the requirement.

This needs quality product demonstration video.

Ninetendo made this possible with live gameplay trailers and web series which enabled them to become a famous brand channel on YouTube.

4) Keep yourself straight and positive

YouTube allows its users to compare their brand equality, product or service through videos which they called compare videos. You can make the comparison of competing products along with the video.

While doing comparison videos, make sure you don’t turn any video off that you’re promoting.

Any video that shows their worth above than others or makes consumer percept they’re not good enough for choosing a premium product are making any value for your goal accomplishment.

Make sure you doing healthy promotion without defaming others and showing only the quality of your product rather than anything else.

5) Influencer videos are good to use

If you are a mindful marketer, then you must have gone through influencers and their videos. But,

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who promotes your brand with the help of their popularity.

When it comes to choose influencers, people look for branded names in spite of industry-specific influencers, but smart brands reverse the idea and choose a local influencer who would be cheaper and more traffic generating.

Therefore, a video could the nicest way to show your influencer connection.

One of such videos is here-

In this video, you will come to know how the expert digital marketer Martin MacDonald(Virgin, Pepsi, Renault) put his views and ideas on using digital marketing in current market conditions.

6) Tips giving videos are indirectly useful

In the row of using YouTube for brand promotion, here is another tactic.

You can create or show a video that gives tips on a particular subject but indirectly promoting your brand, product or services. 

Getting a short and influencing video will be key to attract users.

This video show phenomenal cookery tips for different recipes.

7) Show your testimonial videos

Reality always works.

Bring a video for your audience that show real reviews, stories and testimonials given by your existing customers. This will help your brand promotion a huge weightage and make you reliable among to-be-audience.

This tactic works best for local and small businesses and with this, popular people in the community can be promoted.

In this video, you will find live testimonials and reviews given by a customer.

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