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Today, most of the businesses are using social media as a part of their marketing strategy.

It has great potential for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. Despite the ubiquity of social media, many still struggle to get the results they’re looking for. And, if you do mistakes or not use the platforms properly, it can actually hurt your brand’s reputation.

These mistakes show a lack of competency and lower the fans’ and followers’ confidence.

Here are 7 social media blunders you should avoid at any cost.

Mistake 1: Too Promotional

Not at all important to continually sell, sell, sell. No matter what you’re offering, non-stop sales pitches and publicity about your product or service will only infuriate people. They ultimately ignore constant pitching if they don’t find value in your posts.

People may follow you to learn about the products or benefits you offer, but you have to give the ins and outs to stay and to keep coming back.

If you’re always talking about your company and your products, you might be turning probable customers off. They don’t access their social media accounts to be bombarded with sales posts.



Provide value and entertainment constantly so people want to stay tuned to your show. Then hopefully they’ll remember your brand when it’s time to buy.

Mistake 2: Posting Too Much

You may be posting interesting and engaging content but, be careful no matter how much engaging your content you can come up with posting too much is a mistake.

Posting extreme content is saturating your audience with more information than they want. If you exaggerate it, audiences will feel overwhelmed and irritated.

Don’t embellish your claims, and try to be original. Posting the same kind of content frequently, or old content they can find anywhere, is boring and of little value.


Give useful information in dignified quantities. To keep things interesting, post a range of content on diverse subjects. Play with gags and visual content. Share interesting videos. Just keep it different.

Mistake 3: Not Confessing Mistakes

Social media is the most unpredictable marketing channel and can also be one of the powerful tools for entrepreneurs and marketers if done properly.

At some point, all businesses tend to make a mistake on social media but an important thing to learn here is not to become excessively protective and admit mistakes.

Even the most responsible and alert tycoons can end up making mistakes on social media. But, never let such blunders stop you. Instead, learn from their mistakes.

Simply and decently confessing mistakes often socializes the tension instead of worsening the issue.

For example- DiGiorno Pizza caused a disturbance by using wrong hashtag to promote their product. The company spent a lot of time personally apologizing for their tweet.



To err is human, but apologizing and rectifying mistakes is smart business.

Mistake 4: Ignoring Your Analytics

Are your updates getting the right people? Are they effective in driving traffic?

Without constantly watching these things, how could you see the productivity of your campaigns?

You need to be aware of how many CTR’s you’re receiving, how many likes, favorites, reposts you’re inspiring, and which post topics aren’t producing engagement. That way, you can twist your strategy and validate the time you are setting into it.



Use tools like, Viralheat, Spredfast, Sprout Social, and UberVU to monitor your campaigns. Google Analytics is another great resource to achieve this mission.

Mistake 5: Not Entertaining Unhappy Customers

If you are receiving negative comments on Social Media, time is just not on your side. The longer you wait to respond, the heated the customer would be and the more viral it will be.

In some cases, people comment or tweet negative comments hoping to get a response, because they’re unhappy with regular customer service. By overlooking them, you’re validating that your company doesn’t care about their business. . It clearly shows that you’re excessively busy or unresponsive.

It is a shocking fact that in today’s social media savvy surroundings there are big companies that fail to connect with their customers and specifically the unhappy ones.



Don’t hesitate to respond to any negative comments. In fact, consider this as a sales opportunity for yourself. Deleting things on the internet is just an illusion. So better not even try it.

Mistake 6: Being too formal

Audiences want to interact with real people, not with the robots, if you communicate in an excessively desiccated and formal way, you will only turn people off.

Don’t address people with formal sayings such as dear sir/madam – write their names instead. They will appreciate it and feel comfortable if you show them how sociable you are. To succeed on social media, your brand must be easy to communicate to.



So don’t sound like a robot, be a person. You should remain professional, but write in an upbeat tone and add a personal touch.

Mistake 7: Not Using Management Tools

Managing all of your social media accounts can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. This is when you can make use of social media management tools like Buffer, HootsuiteSocialOomph, or Sprout Social to schedule content, team up with members, and monitor results.



Don’t automate all of your updates. Followers will quickly decode that you’re not taking the time to actually engage and disagreeing with them.


Keeping all of these above-mentioned mistakes in mind, probably the biggest Mistake is supposed to be ignoring a Mistake.

Be careful and alert, and learn from your mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes and improving the ways you use social media can boost your business and give you the most out of your efforts.

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