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Are you getting traffic from the website? Want to convert them into leads?

Your website helped your audience find you online through search or social media. But what are you doing with the valuable traffic your website generates?

This article will share 7 easy ways to convert your traffic into leads.

#1 Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convert a visitor into a lead. While the purpose of many content pages on websites is to provide data; landing pages are designed for collecting contact information.

Very effective landing pages joined with targeted traffic can give a conversion ratio of as high as 50-60% and in some rare cases even more than that.

Different landing pages are attractive to a diverse group of people and hence one should never trust on only one landing page. And it’s often a good idea to send traffic to the landing page via a blog and then measure which landing page executes better.

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#2 Email Blog Subscriptions

RSS feed is a most popular way to let readers subscribe to your blog. But, it has ample limits for lead generation. There’s no way to message an RSS subscriber directly because you don’t actually have any data.

So, offering an email subscription as your prime blog subscription allows you to keep your subscribers up to date on the latest content while also sending emails that enable your lead generation process.

Once the reader has opted-in to receive updates from your company, you have the ability to continue to market to them and nurture them throughout the buying process.

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#3 Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Having compelling and showy clickable buttons that offer something useful or required by the people who view your website is a great way to have somebody starts engaging with your website.

These CTAs will lead to landing pages that have forms to save visitor’s information to turn them into leads.

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But, these CTA’s have to have good design, appealing copy and communicate the message of the content. CTAs that are well placed on websites can increase your probability of catching leads.

#4 Pop-up Ads

Pop-up has been shown to immensely increase the number of subscribers to your blog. The main purpose of a pop up is to engage website visitors with a visible and strong call-to-action that will drive them to take the desired action.

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Around 2% to 10% of your daily blog traffic is likely to convert into leads based on the effectiveness of your offer. If you implement this well, then pop up can greatly increase your email list.

With a pop-up, you engage visitors in a way that they can’t ignore and can drive the actions you want with visible calls-to-action and incentives.

#5 Webinars

The great thing about webinars is that you basically get face time with your customers and an opportunity to pitch your product in person in exchange for their contact information.

 Webinars offer value, engage with your audience and should give your audience a discount or an exclusive offer should they choose to sign up.

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The webinars are highly significant to your audience, helping you attract super-targeted leads.

#6 Scrolling Ad

Many of your visitors will miss the top sidebar banner or they simply don’t pay attention to it.

But you can still reach them with a scrolling ad.

The main difference between a scrolling ad and the traditional banner one is that as a visitor scrolls down to read the entire post, the ad gets scroll down as a result.

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#7 Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective marketing channel when it comes to produce return on investment.  Staying top of mind with your links is key to convert them into clients.

As you’re generating leads from your blog through newsletter signups, webinars, and CTAs, close the loop with email marketing.

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There are many ways you can convert your visitors into customers; you just have to get creative.

Your website leads are like gold, and there are simple plans you can take on to make sure you are using every ounce of your existing traffic in maximizing the lead-generation prospect of your website.

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