Social networking sites are not just meant for killing time or catching up with new and old friends, if leveraged well can prove to be a wonderful marketing platform as well. It is not for the first time that we are talking about it. In our previous articles we have talked many times as to how social media can be used as a marketing channel. However, in this article we are going to talk about 7 most primary ways social media helps your business. Let me walk you through them one by one.

A platform for customer service

17 You can’t even think of the extent to which social media outlets can act as a customer service platform. You can actually turn your brand opponents to brand proponents here. All you need to do is to act, smart, subtle, and deal with everything on time before it is too late. Be attentive and respond to your customers on time. Besides, since it is all public on social media your one good work can go viral easily bringing in a lot of business for you when at the same time an off-putting comment can hit your business. So, make sure you handle things very prudently.

A platform for branding

2 Social media bestows you with plenty of opportunities for branding whether it is on Facebook, Linked, twitter, YouTube or any other site. In order to represent your brand’s image you usually get the option to customize your social media pages, which includes copy, color and logos.

A platform to get more exposure


3 Unlike any other medium, social media helps you increase your reach virally. Through social media you not only reach to your audiences but even to their friends, friends of friends, and the process goes on like a fission reaction. So, you get to have more organic exposure that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

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A platform for brand introduction


4 Social media helps you introduce your brand to new potential customers everyday through your social media marketing pages. So, you must take full advantage of this opportunity.

A platform for advertising

5 Through social media advertising you can reach a larger and targeted audience with your marketing message. Although you require to pay per click or pay per impression but still the rates are usually lower than other forms of display adverting.

A platform to chill out

6 An ideal social media campaign is the one that’s not only benefits you but also let’s your customer to enjoy and have fun. Selling is not a bad thing its marketing after all but hard selling on social media is not a right act. You just need to engage and entertain your audiences and they will themselves come to you, all you need to know is the right tactics.

A platform for polling


7 Audience opinion really matters for your business. It is always better to take audience advice on a new product development before investing too much time or money or take their opinion on something that may be relevant to your business. Social media acts as a wonderful platform for polling were you can accomplish this task easily.

So, these were a seven primary ways social media helps your business. Do let us know in comments if you know some. We would love to know from you.

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