The way social media is exploding you will hardly find any business to not have social media as part of a holistic marketing strategy. Immense number of people is participating in the social media web today that has made many businesses to allocate a considerable part of their budget to social media marketing to accomplish their marketing goals. Let’s go ahead and see how exactly social media helps big and small businesses in accomplishing multiple marketing goals.

Overall marketing costs

1113 It is as obvious as that posting something on Facebook or tweeting something on Twitter will be more cost effective than running a paid ad or mailing thousands of marketing pieces. So, you can effectively employ social media in place of other paid channels to accomplish the same goals. However, social media also proffers you with some advanced advertising tools which are although paid but they allow you to run a marketing campaign that is both keyword- and demographic-specific so that you get best returns on each penny you invest.

Organic search results

1211 You all know how important content happens to be when it comes to your ranking on search engine result pages (serp). Now what social media does, it helps you broadcast your content out to a wide range of readers, who if interested not only visit your content but also subscribe to it and even tell their friends about it and ultimately link to it. Search engines like Google and Bing consider social signals like this while ranking your web page on serp. You also get points when your post gets a like or is shared every time, and it contribute to your ranking on serp.

Better customer service


134 You can’t even think of the extent to which social media outlets can act as a customer service platform. You can actually turn your brand opponents to brand proponents here. All you need to do is to act, smart, subtle, and deal with everything on time before it is too late. Be attentive and respond to your customers on time. Besides, since it is all public on social media your one good work can go viral easily bringing in a lot of business for you when at the same time an off-putting comment can hit your business. So, make sure you handle things very prudently.

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An Online Personality


142 Social media helps you design your own online personality as you can display both here- your business personality and also behind-the-scenes information about you, your work place, your employees, and more. So, in a way its lets you humanize your brand which in turn makes it easier for consumers to connect with you and eventually develop loyalty.

Getting associated with other businesses

152 While running a business sometimes you require the help of other businesses as well whether they are new distributors or a potential strategic business partners for you. This is where social media plays a role by helping you connect and have real conversations with those people who might otherwise be socially or geographically unapproachable in the real world.

Business validation by Customers on social media

161 The power of viral marketing isn’t hidden from anybody and social media happens to be a great channel for viral marketing as people have a common tendency to share their good and bad experiences with their peers and friends. So, if carried out well social media campaigns can bring some wonderful results as people are more prone to share their good experience with others , which not only validates you but augments the chances of them buying from you the next time they need a product or service you offer.

The value


171 As I told you if carried out well social media campaigns can do wonders for you. It’s an amazing platform through which you can provide a truly valuable service to your target market and position yourself as an expert in your industry. Be it anything, an entertaining and informative blog, tweet or post, if you are helping your customers through it, you are actually adding value that customers will be pleased about.

Social media is actually an incredible platform for accomplishing multiple objectives if employed well whether it is about boosting your search rankings, providing better customer service, building an effective online personality, connecting with new business partners, validating your professional standing, building connections or about providing consumers with the value they desire. In short, it actually lets you gain the competitive advantage, which is good for both short term and the long term goals.

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