Website migration is a critical aspect for SEOs in order to enhance the strength of their site’s presence on the search engine.

So, what is website migration?

Website migration is a term used by SEOs to explain an event where their sites undergo changes in order to enhance visibility on search engine. The changes are to platform, content, structure, location, and UX of the site.

Sometimes, website migration process hits the odds. To combat your challenges, you need to address the reasons for migration pitfalls.

1) Deficient Strategy

The doom of site migrations depends on how you strategize your work.

To say the fact, the migrations fail due to deficient strategy or better made upon unclear and unrealistic objectives.

Addressing the fact of data is essential while going for site migration. Considering the Google updates is majorly required, and if fail to do so, get ready undesirable results.

While site migration procedure, your primary focus should be on retaining the site’s current traffic and revenue levels.

You can take off software like SimilarWeb to keep noticing your website’s global, country and category rank.

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2) Meager Planning

SEOs who fail to segment their work according to the order of the work fail to get desired results.

Therefore, a detailed project including every piece of information and guidelines will help avoid delays.

So, what precautions to take for site migration?
  • Don’t plan your site launch near your festivals as if there’s an issue, you won’t be able to rectify them.
  • Don’t get constraint with your plan rather try to fix the problems whenever comes to you.

3) No SEO/UX consultation

SEOs avoid some critical points while considering changes in the site. It should be like the changes should match a UX and SEO standpoint.

Take this example into consideration, if you removed a large amount of content or links in order to improve UX may cause problems to the site’s ability to target keywords in crawling and indexing issues.

In both or either case, the site will lose its organic search visibility. Apart from this, too much text and few images may cause a negative impact on user engagement and conversion of the site may get damaged.

SEOs with experience can help you take you out of the situation.

Will Grant is a known UX expert who provides his consultancy for improving the overall structure of the site.

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4) Late Involvement of SEO Expert

Site migrations may take a long time as several months, need solid planning, and ample time for testing.

If you take a professional’s support lately, then it could be risky as he/she may miss the crucial steps.

5) No Testing

Testing is what gives an exact idea about the effectiveness of the work completed.

So, apart from a great strategy and a well-researched plan, allow yourself to spend time on testing. It should be before the site launch.

If you don’t find desired results after testing, better to delay the launch.

It would also be better to ask an SEO expert to do the testing and identify actual problems in real-time.

Pay attention to details and allow your developers to make the changes accordingly.

6) Slow reaction to bug fixing

If you’re seeing bugs, and if don’t pay attention to it can cause serious troubles to your site.

You may have missed including some SEO features to the site like adding Meta description, title, keywords or sitemap or something others.

It would be great to take notice of that. If you aren’t able to do that, consider the help of an SEO expert.

7) Undervaluing Scaling

Many of the businessmen don’t consider waiting for the site launch. They rather say “let’s launch ASAP and fix later” and that is a great mistake.

Most of the businessmen don’t understand the organic search visibility which would lose by inappropriate steps and recovery would take several months.

As an SEO expert, you need to make the website owner understand what could be the consequences of losing scalability and search visibility.


Organic search visibility depends on several factors and taking each of them in notice can get much better results.

Here are 7 reasons which can cause problems to your site’s migration as well as search visibility.

Keep in mind while taking any such step.

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